Moving Earth and Heaven

Inside a river of silver

external chord attaches to soul

floating through brick and stone

white feathers the width of your spirit

you save

to be saved

It is nice when we meet someone who is nice, even if it is briefly. When we talk to another kind human, who clearly holds little to zero negativity in their hearts, who is purer than most, who makes an impression for the right reasons… we may stand back and take a look at ourselves, or be grateful for that moment.

What has been changing over the last few years? A lot of people being negative and nobody seems to have spoken up about it. It is like all the good people have been suppressed and now, they are finding their voices again. Maybe it is just that the negative people have crawled back into that small hole they came from?

I hope you all encounter kindness and love and compassion an understanding in everyone you meet. Do you feel like you need to do more for the earth or other humans? Why not volunteer? I literally walked into this advocacy hub today to enquire about volunteering and immediately was told, ‘yes we have opportunities and someone will email me.’ It was a huge relief. Advocacy is where I want to work, whether that be legal or otherwise. Speaking up for what is right, or doing what is right, can be your core motivation.

Time to spread the love that we should have been embracing this whole time, rather than sitting on the fence and expecting the world to go ‘wow.’ Moving and earth and heaven is within reach…


Support for Mental Health

Hi all. Wizard has decided to offer a way for you all to reach out and chat if you are struggling at the moment.

You can email the Wizard on

You can contact day and night, there is no limit. Anything you are struggling with, he will listen. If you want to share that email address with someone who you think could benefit from a Wizard chat, please share the email!

Wizard hopes to create a WhatsApp group or another online support group soon where people can come together and chat informally about any struggles they have.

when you are feeling down in the dumps

turning round and giving yourself thumps

time to jump into the abyss

maybe someone will just about miss

who can blame you all for this

was coming eternal that we should be in this

Help Me Raise Some Money For Charity

Hi everybody. So I have decided to sign up to a abseil challenge taking place in the Greater Manchester area, Stockport in March 2022. The location is to be announced.

I have set a low donation of £200 as I believe it can easily be achieved. All it takes is people to donate. All the money will be donated at the time of the event or before it if the amount is raised.

The more contributors the better.

I am also afraid of heights! Yes, really, really afraid, so this will be a good chance to grow.

Looking forward to this! Thanks for reading!

The link to donate money.


Friendship grows
Never getting old...

And sail away

Our past regrets
Memories formed
Time line skewed
Forging ahead
Quaking mountains

Make way
For shifting embraces
Fate touches us

Happy Pride Month to all those who celebrate, honour or respect it. (June 1- June 29)

An Annual LGBT Pride Celebration Every year, during the month of June, the LGBT community celebrates in a number of different ways.