Summer Non Existent?

I woke up at 7am. I was expecting a tv cabinet / bookshelf in one to arrive from the nightmare store Ikea. Of course, delivery expected between 7am and 11am, and it arrived at 7am. I’ve also never purchased from Ikea before.

The unit – a stock image from Bing images, not my living room!

For the price it looks okay. I spent £40 on delivery, having only ordered last Friday. Minus those brown baskets at the bottom. I also hope my tv fits on it, I’m pretty sure it will! I also ordered the black brown version instead of white, my apartment is white enough!

Mainly to be used for tv, books and dvds. I do have an xbox and you can see from the picture that an xbox slips in the shelf under the tv. Total including delivery for the unit was £169. I think that is an okay price.

From the title of this post you may have wondered to what I was referring. Well, English summer 2021 hasn’t happened. There were some hot periods in April and May. But, honestly, June and July were mild at best and for the last few weeks there has been consistent rain, drizzle and a thunderstorm. The experts ramble on about global warming – which there is nothing they haven’t blamed on it – and yet the UK can’t have a consistent summer. Come on, God, it’s once a year for a few months!

Poetry time:

Y U R 

Why are you?

Where are you?

Here with you.

I hear you.

Feel you.

See the sunrise.

I empathise, relinquished. 

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day and may peace be with you. 

A day out to Intu Trafford Centre Manchester – New brands to consider

Yesterday I had the pleasure of travelling to the Manchester Trafford Center. The photo above is not mine, courtesy of Bing images. I haven’t been to the shopping center for maybe 3 years, not kidding, partly because of the pandemic. There has been closures of many shops. It was busy but I remained distant and wore my mask.

The first mission was to eat when arriving. The Tampopo eastern cuisine restaraunt was selected. The food chosen was a vegan share meal. I also had a side of noodles, cooked well and tasty. I also noticed that the restaurant offered 20% off for students, yes, you heard that correctly! I used that and it took roughly £6 off the total. There was also a queue to get in, but that was common at all restaraunts walked past. After your food you are given a small phone device to leave a review, I gave 5 stars in all categories, because again, the service was friendly, fast, efficient, tasty, it catered to vegans and had student discount. I would recommend checking this out.

Tampopo – eastern cuisine.

I want to tell you about two brands that are both new too me and relatively new in general. First we have Rituals. The shops specialises in well-being and beauty products.

“Rituals takes inspiration from the impressive power of natural ingredients, as well as ancient Eastern beauty and wellness traditions. At the brand’s core, is the belief that happiness can be found in the smallest of things. In a hectic and sometimes overwhelming world, simply taking the time to enjoy a warm bath, a cup of tea or a relaxing massage can take on a special significance. It is our passion to transform daily routines into meaningful moments. Rituals celebrates everyday luxury, sustainable measures and the art of slowing down. At Rituals, we go beyond just products, we live and breathe well-being through our insightful articles, yoga videos, delicious healthy recipes and guided meditations, shared via our social channels, magazine and app.”

Rituals in the Trafford Centre Manchester

I was in search of soap and instead discovered hand washes that smelt absolutely fantastic. I was treated kindly by staff and given multiple samples and could request samples of anything. What did I choose? After sampling many hand washes, hand balms and shower gels in a variety of ‘flavours’ including jasmine, sandalwood (not a fan) and rosemary, I ended up choosing eucalyptus and rosemary hand wash and the same scent hand balm. The image on the left of the white can was a FREE gift with my first purchase of a white rice and cherry blossom foaming shower gel. I had sampled some and had not been keen but as it was free I took it. I did have to sign up, but I had a pleasant experience in store and did not hesitate.

I will be returning as a shopper to Ritual. Great products that smell great, excellent customer service and treatment – how it should be, although that is why I love the Trafford Centre Manchester, all staff are lovely and friendly. It was also surprisingly cheap for the hand wash and balm, total just under £20.

Next we have The Couture Club. It sounds and looks expensive and I guess it is, but there was a sale on which I did not realise. I managed to buy joggers with the accompanying hoodie for £37 which included the current sale offer. Without a sale the price would of been around £45 for the hoodie and around £40 for the joggers, so total of £85 if the clothes weren’t on sale; a huge saving of £48. That is not too expensive in my opinion, because it looks good, and the quality is excellent. I went in hoping to find trousers as I’d had no luck finding my size in a few other shops. You know the average size for clothes has increased so those who are the correct weight have to struggle to find the right size. 40inch waist? Size 20 shoes? Seriously, it’s like they are preparing for giants.

Photo by: Tom Biddle (

So, I found some white joggers with a very soft texture that look like night wear, sort of like pyjamas. I guess they can be worn everyday use, but I will use them to relax in. Sort of like a spa or sauna robe. The accompanying hoodie is likewise great. I didn’t need to try them on, they fit me fine and they are the small size, with options of xs, s, m, l, xl… basically normal sizes and none of this European number nonsense. The shops sells men and women clothing, another reason I enjoyed it, it isn’t obvious when you go in either, remaining rather gender neutral and being hip and modern at the same time.

A model wearing the set of clothes I bought. You can’t see, but there is bumpy and soft texture and it’s called ‘waffle’

The service in the shops was quick but not as personal. I don’t deduct points on this occasion. There were a few shops where being left alone was preferable and this is one of them. I don’t like help when choosing clothes or washing products unless it’s personal like Ritual.

I will return to the Couture Club in the future and recommend it to anyone wanting modern and high quality clothing. Despite the high cost, you should check it out, who knows, they could have another sale on.

So that concludes the two new brands that I recommend, not new to the market, but relatively new to the Trafford Centre Manchester and new to me. I really am glad to have found Rituals after discovering them on the Trafford Centre website.

Other shops I visited that are worth mentioning (not mentioning all of them) included a soap shop called Lush from which I bought a small but costly bar of soap for £5.50. I do consider that expensive when I could buy a pack of 4 Imperial Leather for £10. I also visited The Pen Shop, where I was gifted a lovely Cross turquoise fountain pen.

I had a lovely day and it is long deserved given the last 18 months. I also consider it a day out to celebrate my recent graduation in law.

So, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post on my day out!

Stay safe, take care and lots of positivity to you all.


 Ante meridiem

Good morning. Happy Sunday. Technically I woke up at 4am. Although, I lay in bed until about 5am when I decided to get my laptop and check when the local Caffe Nero is open. 8:30am apparently. Greggs is also open rather early too. So, in my mind I have the plan to head down to Greggs around 8:30am and then go and sit outside Nero for an hour or so drinking some variety of herbal tea… most likely green tea, if they have green tea with jasmine great!

I didn’t always get up at 5:30am. Only over the last month or so, since moving to my new penthouse apartment (cough) have I started to not only rise early, but actually enjoy rising early, feeling refreshed. Now that I think about it, there are a few more shops I’d like to peruse today. I’ll be heading to HMV to see what junk they have on offer. I am also considering Topman to find some new trousers. I don’t intend to purchase anything today other than the tea and pies, and even then, that is pushing it.

Why don’t I want to spend money on the Sunday? The same reason I don’t believe people should work on Sunday. I class it as a day of rest, just as on the 7th day, God rested. So should we. Granted that public services and the health sector should remain running, but these are exceptions without such we’d either be dead or mad.

Wake up at 5:30am and make the most of the early rise. Blog, writer a poem, story or edit a piece. Showering is my intention after finishing this post. I’ll then be frying some eggs and melting some cheese over those eggs with a side of mixed lentils/beans and perhaps some baked beans.

It will take roughly 15 minutes according to the online map feature for me to reach my destination. I am somewhat familiar with the route. It is the first time I will be walking there since moving to the area. It also says the distance is 0.8 miles. That is my morning exercise as well as fresh air and probably, a huge sense of achievement. When you get anxiety about leaving your house or apartment, then reaching that end destination is all the more satisfying.

I am still very much cautious about not wearing a face mask. 1) We are in a third wave in the UK, despite the lifting of pretty much all restrictions. 2) I am used to the mask and enjoy its company now 3) People can’t see my beautiful face. Do I really need anymore reasons to care about my health?

I have a brutal announcement. I just had pneumonia, a respiratory illness, and quite a severe one. I had to go into hospital for around 5 days. I was sick for about 2 1/2 weeks. That is also why I am cautious about exposing myself to the masses.

I may take my notebook so I can jot down observations about the local zombies.

Poem of the morning

It's nice to see the sin rise
Your eyes glisten under my gaze
I see the birds
They nestle on branches
That intelligent magpie
My morning pie.

What did I buy on my walk to the shops?

What did I buy on my walk to the shops?

It was throwing it down with hail, as I sat at my desk reading emails, and fondly gazing into the thick stones. But, they lasted a mere few minutes. Enough time to prompt me to go out. It was fairly busy considering the miserable weather.

Cafes were open today as well and bustling with non-mask wearing peeps. I have black joggers, blue trainers, a dark black dragon shirt, a black hoodie and black cap. So, it must be me when I say I don’t like to stand out…

I entered town where more people were bustling and making ways to shops and buying the usual non-essentials, because let’s face it we need more junk in the world. My sole aim? To buy some more essential oils from a particular health and wellness store, which supplies supplements, specialised foods, oils, some magazines and lots of protein for body builders!

Purchases made at the shop: activated charcoal tablets, Tisserand rosemary organic essential oil, Tisserand organic peppermin oil and Tisserand organic lemon oil. This is to supplement the 3 oils I bought yesterday from the pharmacy (lavender, eucalyptus and orange).

Rosemary essential oil.
Image result for tisserand peppermint
Peppermint essential oil.
Lemon essential oil.

What is essential about these oils? Health effects or benefits? Yes! Indeed these oils, any type of essential oil is the plant extract taken from source and distilled and pressed down until it is liquid, 100% pure oil. This has numerous health benefits. For example a favourite of mine, Frankincense – also given to baby Jesus as a gift – has remarkable benefits for brain health, and overall physical and spiritual wellbeing, being able to give us that insight and second spiritual sight we need in times of prayer.

I chose rosemary, lemon and peppermint because I had read that they boost kidney health, and I was looking for a way to detox them, that is why I also bough the activated charcoal too. The kidneys are the single most important organs in the body to eliminate and eradicate toxins, that is why we need to keep them well fed, extremely well oiled (good hydration) and through exercise and eating right. Don’t overburden an already burdened system by eating unhealthily or by sitting around waiting for that circulation to improve! Give your kidneys the love and care they desire and need in order for them to function optimally. They control blood pressure, growth, the water system, electrolyte levels, protein levels, and more!

Activated charcoal I bought.

So with that bought, I moved toward the exit of the shopping centre, which was reminiscent of the film Dawn of the Dead, although some of the shoppers were not as ravenous. I travelled along to a book, magazine store which also supplies stationary (I am not mentioning store names but you may have already figured that out!).

New scientist Essential guide No.6 – Evolution – Darwin’s theory of natural selection and what it means for life.

I was searching for a decent movie magazine, but sadly I could not see any that appealed to me. I usually get Total Film or Empire. Today I wanted to appear slightly intelligent so I decided to wander over to the magazines about astronomy, nature, science and rocket stuff…I stumbled upon this magazine – picture above. I immediately was drawn to this as – a) I don’t actually like the Darwin’s theory of evolution and b) It was a subtle dark green that reminded me of the jungle – no doubt that is a deliberate imprint on the readers mind. I have yet to read any, but it looks well written and well presented. I wanted to try and expand my mind and stretch out of my comfort zone.

One of the coolest and newest things that caught my eye was a can, yes a can, of sparkling water! It has a resealable lid and is 500ml.

Canned at source from the Austrian alps!

It matched the black I had on, but I slipped it into my little backpack before desperately racing home to try it. Cool and easy to use with minimum on the can in terms of advert. It literally says – sparkling spring water, can’o water, don’t bottle it. On the back it states the instructions to open and that cans are infinitely recyclable. I agree. I also have a preference for can or glass over plastic. Yes the lid is plastic but comes to good use. As mentioned it is resealable and that means you could shake it after opening and it would not spill out – “I tried it.” It has a rich taste and does not overwhelm your sense with bubbles. Some products like Pellegrino are way too fizzy but this can hit the spot. Of course, there is the concern about aluminium being sapped into the source but try and forget that!

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the things I bought today. I hope to talk some more about what I do on days out. When I can, I will be taking you all virtually to various locations across England. London will no doubt be a highlight when I get the chance to go there.

For now stay safe and enjoy life! xox