How To Be, That guy!?

That guy with the coffee

steaming brew

reading das paper

cool black long coat

all black clothing

mysterious emblem neck chain

showing himself, the game

strangers watch and awe

he is not a bore

but enigma personified

sexy and cool

slick and all powerful

a stare

or silence

he has his self reliance.


A reminiscent sojourn

Could you make it

To the final

In the court

As days speed by

We say goodbye

Night of our lives

So long

Dying breed

Those nights

Were what we desperately need

Guided to the gate

Years pass

Many times

Pain that lasts

And leaving young a breath

To much the width

Of narrow path


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I want to be alone

It's not gonna change who you are

It won't guarantee you'll get far

Because when the night comes

And angels sing and dance

I won't want to see you alone.

"Hebrews 11:6 - And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.

Ephesians 2:8-9 - For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.

1 John 5:4- For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith."

You are full of good

Full of love

Beneath God

And under that sky

There is hope



In the cradle

Grown until death.


Those long nights sat in waiting for the paint to dry,
our decorative nights in waiting for the sky to brighten,
our nights in became a current flavour of soul.

It was a rope but offered us so much hope,
our relationship torn and broken,
your heart cold and woken,
but I said we needed the rope,
to ease our pain,
to help you gain,
control again.

It was rough and we enjoyed each touch,
those loose strands were never enough,
enough of your torture,
I've been in the same box,
clasping a rope wrapped around your neck,
tighter and tighter, my hands get,
until snap you are there,
we are here,
couldn't hear the screams.


A loose facade projecting across your life,
would you have time to pick up the knife?

Lost time writing, daily,
all the time to do it, my way,
with every button pressed,
I am sinking further behind your facade,
desperate play,
played out, your way.

And in the beginning a black mask,
sore hands,
regretted past,
facade of your longing.

Take the mask down,
be sure to look around,
count your blessings,
don't let the mask become you,
a person exempt from courteous do's. 

Drop of Blood

Every drop of blood, 
every sworded stone, 
rose on your cairn,
flop at your door.

Earnest man, cometh seek some more,
cometh the hour of your drop of blood,
a stern faced earl,
laced with laces of gold,
buckets of mold have been left out in the cold. 

And with every drop of blood,
muddies the waters flowing over that ravine,
your brave-less heart,
faceless warrior,
drowning beneath mottled waves.

A languished fairy tale,
tales of evil dragons and fearless wizards,
a kids book full of pictures,
hit and miss.


Six hour workout,
needless energy,
slipping away,
chastised into cakes.

Every drop of blood that leaketh,
my mouth speaketh,
those magic words,
a torn fantastical path,
eucalyptus hath,
spread its translucent wings upon my gaze.

Dreading every pinch of your wrath,
torn beaten path,
every drop of blood lost,
every drop of blood gained,
a reminder each and every day,
we were set in stone your way.

Pleased to meet you,
for every drop of blood coagulates,
every dry spring fills the sky,
your mouth,
awakens you and I,
in every drop of blood.

Pastel Daze

Pastel daze,
lovely hot summer days,
mysterious gaze,
of a thousand waves.

Superficial emotions,
dragging you down to the bottom of the ocean,
losing all emotion,
in the sea.

Overwhelmed, afraid, 
braving each and every day,
dying to see what you've made.

Hot summer glow,
not how I expected it to go,
for it is all a show,
and nobody really knows.

Pastel daze,
see your life wasting away,
content to sit and fight another day,
who knows?
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F – Whatever That Means

Taking the long road,
a journey of realignment,
a segment of self actualization,
the part where you get to see yourself from the inside out.

A video rock star,
glass full off expensive lacquer, 
black reflection of who you are,
long lost hidden scars,
how you dwell on that untouchable mountain top, 
waiting for the world bubble to go "pop."

But I wasn't intent on destroying that heart,
or content to reside here in the dark,
that was what triggered the start,
I didn't have to look too far,
to wonder exactly who you are.

My path took me through a burning lake of fire,
stretched my soul like chicken wire,
crept aside leaving me lost and stranded and tired,
the deepest of lakes,
the darkest of nights,
the brightest of dawns,
and the best of life,
seeping as honey down that delicate soul,
much more to come from this eternal erode. 

If you wanted a life of luxury,
then honey, don't go buying me out,
leaving me to dry out,
expecting the national reservoir to drought,
oh the doubt, lord God push past this clout. 

Expect, expecto,
wait, manere,
be patient, patientes estote,
the ancient insight to be found,
are not to be frowned upon,
looking down your crowned head.

A heart content to waste the days,
a soul content to live in haze,
a mind content to hide the pain,
a mouth that speaketh no gain,
the days that are drowning in rain.

I sought the rocks buried in unshakable waves,
you watched me pop into an unspeakable blaze,
they are attempting to steal my gaze,
watch on with a withered portrayal,
sinking on the thin line veil,
soon to be discovered. 

Ain't no angel watching over you,
not until you at least give it a go,
forgo all that you know,
all that you think will come,
everything that was once done,
and see the second sun,
to become what you must become. 

Your literary lies are a cheap mesmerize,
a red wine spilled on white carpet,
your black cloud shrouded heart target,
a legitimate game.

Oh well, whatever that means,
means is no beginning to an end,
an end to a discovery,
a sea of creatures tamed under your wings,
the pull of the moon on the tides.

Rising tide,
come wash over that rock,
change the green back,
so that rock can have its life back.

You want to have it all?
So, you say, then take the fall,
"You can have it all,"
"But you're not above it all,"
that was the creepiest sore,
that I ever saw,
above the rest and dripping in pastel red,
longed balcony of searing sunset.

"You can have it all,"
"You had it all."


Invenire se,

reach to the stars,

fall back to earth,

shattered into a million pieces,

destined to climb back up again,

stripped of integrity and meaning,

left out to dry,

built back up on a new foundation,

chiseled mind and matter,

discover yourself.

Writing a thousand words to hear your call,

dreaming a thousand dreams to see you again,

I never knew,

someone was out there,

watching over me.

Life finds a way,

provehito in altum,

Im ‘e somno expergiscitur,

ut novum vitae.

To swim, fly, walk,

cry, feast,

live, learn, laugh,

next to nothing beside a growing desperation,

embarking on my final quest.