Feng Shui – What is this ancient practice?

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The most ancient of practices that is Feng Shui – meaning wind-water – is the Chinese philosophy detailing how to create balance and harmony between the elements. This practice is used within the home, because it is a belief system that specific placement of objects in a space will greatly affect the energy and the flow and the harmony of our surroundings.

At the core, it is decorating to maximise the energy of a space, to make it more positive and minimise or eradicate negative energy build up. So what are the potential effects, or benefits of such a practice? As mentioned, the idea is to harmonise the energy so that a space is more positive, surely a huge benefit to anybody! Having a lighter energy home, feeling less cluttered and more vibrant would also make you feel mentally better, uplifting your mood, improving your mindset, helping you to achieve those goals, and possibly to sleep better too.

In Feng Shui there are the main ‘principles’. That of the ‘Commanding Position’, ‘the Bagua‘, and the ‘Five Elements‘. Using these principles together is the aim to create harmony.

Lets start with the Commanding Position. This is going to be the best way to place furniture within a room. Use this and apply it to all the main objects in a space, like the sofas in your living room, or the tv and stand, or the shelving units. Use it in bedrooms, by moving the bed to the further point from the doorway. Move your office at home around, or your desk, adjust the placement to furthest from the door, yet still facing the door. Being in the furthest point, yet facing it, is commanding a room.

Then you have the Bagua. This is an energy map identifying the elements you should place within the room to facilitate the flow of positive energy. Different areas are dealt with, like work and home and personal goals.

As you can see different colours and elements relate to different areas. Health and family for example, are green and blues, with wood as the element. If you don’t want to use all of the above, simply use a select few, or one or two. Trying something shouldn’t be a burden. When setting out the room look at the map and then focus on one room at a time and make sure you are clear what you want to bring to the room. If you wanted your bedroom with a focus on relationships you could use reds, white and pinks. Beds need to face the doorway, but not in direct line with it. Symmetry is important, so using flat and square shaped objects can help, along with flat objects.

Finally we have the Five Elements. They are: fire, water, wood, metal and earth. Feng Shui seeks to balance these elements in your home.

Each element is associated with different colours, seasons and shapes as seen in the picture above. Fire – red and triangular. Water – black and curved shapes. Wood – green/blue and rectangular columned shapes. Metal – white and circular/sphere shapes. Earth – brown/orange/yellow and flat and square objects.

If you want to add each element to a room you can start by using the colour or the shapes. You could light a white candle for example. Using more plants will help too. Being able to successfully place objects is key, and you need space to work with, so make sure to remove anything not needed and get rid of clutter and clear the doors. Big plants at the entrance can help. The entrance hallway is important to, or any hallway, try and keep it clear and bright. Plants are positive energy and connecting to the earth, so bring some big plants, or small ones into your home and keep everything fresh. They have the added benefit of literally purifying the air.

You have now learned a little about Feng Shui. Thanks for reading, how will you better use your space?

How To Be, That guy!?

That guy with the coffee

steaming brew

reading das paper

cool black long coat

all black clothing

mysterious emblem neck chain

showing himself, the game

strangers watch and awe

he is not a bore

but enigma personified

sexy and cool

slick and all powerful

a stare

or silence

he has his self reliance.


A reminiscent sojourn

Could you make it

To the final

In the court

As days speed by

We say goodbye

Night of our lives

So long

Dying breed

Those nights

Were what we desperately need

Guided to the gate

Years pass

Many times

Pain that lasts

And leaving young a breath

To much the width

Of narrow path


Seperation: the previous poem on my wordpress site.


I want to be alone

It's not gonna change who you are

It won't guarantee you'll get far

Because when the night comes

And angels sing and dance

I won't want to see you alone.

"Hebrews 11:6 - And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.

Ephesians 2:8-9 - For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.

1 John 5:4- For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith."

You are full of good

Full of love

Beneath God

And under that sky

There is hope



In the cradle

Grown until death.


I fought for a million years

And a million miles

Fought for change

Fought for you

The thought of you

I did that

I changed that

Now evil seeps no longer on the earths petals

The wind is less harsh

There is pause between breath

And a searing excitement

Described image
Frantz Fanon – The Wretched of the earth (1963)

It’s Eternal

You're a virus,
you take your time to spend your life replicating in another,
living cells of another,
any life form,
forever and ever, to the end.

Came from darkness,
a thought,
a mere speck of dust,
some random hole a million miles away,
now here,
to stay,
what am I referring to?

You think you know,
it's so much to understand,
the truth is easier than the lies,
why are you running backwards,
it takes an eight ball to win,
a bullseye,
not a blinded chicken,
a shambling corpse!
A human.

What is this virus?


Those long nights sat in waiting for the paint to dry,
our decorative nights in waiting for the sky to brighten,
our nights in became a current flavour of soul.

It was a rope but offered us so much hope,
our relationship torn and broken,
your heart cold and woken,
but I said we needed the rope,
to ease our pain,
to help you gain,
control again.

It was rough and we enjoyed each touch,
those loose strands were never enough,
enough of your torture,
I've been in the same box,
clasping a rope wrapped around your neck,
tighter and tighter, my hands get,
until snap you are there,
we are here,
couldn't hear the screams.

Adventure & Self Development

A great time of change is occurring among humans. People everyday, every second are waking up, in every corner of the globe…waking up to the reality of our existence, to the true nature of the universe and the ultimate wake up call…the reality of what lurks inside themselves.

I’ve been moving from brain to brain, logical to creative and back and forth for some time. I try to use both at once if I can. I am trying to change for the better, to change negative habits, to form new ones and to become a better more rounded person. By developing the weaknesses I can strengthen my strengths and so forth.

Some of you may have read my poetry for which I am grateful. I have started to write long poems/prose. I can understand people might be hesitant to read that much, but I appreciate you taking the time anyhow. I hope everyone takes away something positive from my writing even though it may come across as melancholic sometimes.

Life is an adventure, we all go from a to b. How you travel that distance and what you do between those points is almost entirely up to you. I think connecting with friends and family, engaging in hobbies and passions, working hard, keeping fit and healthy and spreading love and joy are some of the best things you could do in this lifetime. Whatever your path, have the courage and the faith to follow it.

Lord knows…I’ve found my way.

The Way
True identity revealed...just in time,
porous surface cracking lightly,
love blister pack on counter-top,
hidden and can't go back at all...
all that was ever known,
everything you've been told,
temporary algae on rocks,
washed away to the sea,
a harsh truth to scrape your soul,
prepare for your end.

Watch this space for some more photos: