Benefits of Flowers in The Home

I always wondered why a lovely cut garden full of a beautiful assortment of flowers in a rainbow of colours made me feel better. I don’t decorate my apartment with any flowers, not usually. Today I decided as part of my changes that I would start putting some flowers around. I also want to get some lovely house plants.

Flowers don’t usually last forever, that is when they are used to brighten a home. Some last longer than others, those that haven’t bloomed yet will last longer. Price is not an issue, because if you go to any garage forecourt in England or to any supermarket, or even flower shops, they will have an array of cheap bunches for sale from £3-5. I managed to get some today from a flower shop in Cheshire. They had some reduced bunches outside the shop at £2 each and included plenty of flowers. I also bought some lillies, they are big and have yet to bloom. They are purple/lilac in colour. I then went to another shop in another part of Cheshire and bought a vase from a flower shop. Given the price of the bunches you can get outside, I am probably now going to buy myself some every week. The price is low being a couple of pounds and they will last around 2 weeks (?) I am not sure, but apparently 7-12 days is what you should expect.

I’ll move on to the benefits of actually having flowers in the home:

  1. Bright colours boost mood – Having a lovely vibrant bouquet in your home can significantly boost mood. Why? Bright colours impact how we think and feel. Check out the link to see another post on that. Bright reds and oranges, purples and blue can all boost how you feel. All of them will make you calm as plants and flowers are great at reducing stress and anxiety. When choosing flowers let your instincts guide you as your body knows what it needs, don’t be put off if you suddenly like a colour you never did before. Flowers can speak to us…
  2. They smell fantastic – smell might improve how you feel too! Because of the wide choice of flowers, you also have options with smell. How does a rose compare to a lily? What about lavender to jasmine? Flowers are the source for essential oils, it is the essence of compressed flowers that makes the oil. Thus, if you can find a flower you like you will undoubtedly find something similar in oils. They smell great, freshening the air and aerating any space. The proximity to the flowers will matter. I wouldn’t recommend inhaling the scent of flowers all day either as you may have symptoms of hayfever from the pollen.
  3. Purifying the air in our home – plants and flowers alike will take in carbon dioxide and spew out oxygen as part of the process of photosynthesis. Although certain big plants will help more than flowers, there are flowers like peace lilies which are supposed to be good at this. So, even though you might be able to open a window, adding flowers around the home can also boost the quality regardless. Adding some in the bathroom might be a good idea? I find gazing into a vase of flowers whilst in the bath to be somewhat relaxing.
  4. Welcoming environment and conversation starters – When I enter someone’s home and see flowers I feel immediately relaxed and that I somehow understand that person just a little bit more. Sounds ridiculous at first… but think about it. If you have flowers in your living room or bedroom or wherever, kitchen for example, and the guest sees them, they may comment on them almost immediately. That is why they are great conversation starters. If you feel nervous about socialising then talk about the plants and the flowers. The flowers are not shy so feel free to talk to them as well. Yes, they do help to create a home you can be happy to live in. I really do love lilies simply because they are so beautiful. Having just one vase of lilies can be enough to make even the angriest of guests docile and accepting.
  5. Improved self love and care – When you take active steps to improve your wellbeing or to be a better person, you are already one step closer to healing all your issues and being in a state of peace. You might think that flowers are somehow only for women or that it just seems uncool to have them. Having flowers and plants to improve how you feel is a great step to showing yourself some self love and care. By caring for the flowers through observation and watering you can develop and in fact care for yourself. Reducing stress, anxiety, making you feel good are all flowers qualities.

How do you feel about this post? Would you agree that flowers are beneficial to the home? Are flowers not just something you buy once in a while for a special occasion? Don’t hesitate if you see some flowers in the shop you like, taking decisions like this can make you feel more confident. Being able to live in a home full of beautiful flowers from nature, the earth and beyond are important. Remember my post on frequencies and the recent post on emotions of colours? Check the emotions of colours post to see how they can impact us. Lavender, being calming with protective properties are suitable for myself but you may want to experiment with how a particular flower makes you feel. If you want to be a bit wild, there is no limits. You have a rainbow of colours available.

Take the time to find your local florist or shop or any that you like. Who knows what will happen. There is no need to buy anything. When you are developing and journeying it is not expected that you will always be so bold, but you can work past this. You could also go and pick some wild flowers. Now that spring has started, they will all be rising up for you to see. Be careful when picking flowers as it might not be allowed on private grounds!

I stuck them all in 1 vase. They look so much better in person

Stay safe!

*A 3 hours video demonstrating planet earths incredible gift to us. Flowers.*


He rambles on down the turnpike

snaking around the fallen leaves

mouth agape 

slithering snake

darkened walls

all befall

on you

Emotion of Colour

Colour my soul with your etheric crayons

paint my skin with eternal angelic wings

caress thy crown with purple lavender

The Holy Grail, illustration by Arthur Rackham, 1917

Lavender – relaxing and stress relief and protection

Romans 12:3 – “For by the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think of yourself more highly than he ought to think, but to think with sober judgment, each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned.”

Photo by u6728u6728 on

It hertz like love at 5:28 in the afternoon. Scatter the roses on my bed. Spray the oils around our room.

Stay true to the heart and the mind. The green heart chakra that connects us with the green earth. Be assured, your existence is considerable. Have the courage to go on even in self reliance, stand in the dark days of adversary.

Pslam 46:10 – He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

Be still, know that everything is energy. That you were born from energy, that you will transmute into a different energy upon departure.

Blue, the colour of forgiveness. My favourite colour. Forgiveness is not weakness. It is acceptance. It is to achieve a higher state of self love and care than a lot of other people. I have been there, I have forgiven. I have felt the reward and been blessed by angels for my actions. You can’t expect to reach the better state of existence without giving it a try. The hardest part is acceptance and then, forgiveness. There is no easy path. You were not born because it was easy. Quite the opposite. You are here because life is a challenging journey. You should never be ashamed of who you are or what you want in life. Good people know in their hearts, that they are good.

Butterfly – symbol of transformation

I can’t profess to have all the answers, or to be able to give you a lot of information. I cannot give you a lot because you simply have to learn or experience it for yourselves. To rely on others experiences and understanding wouldn’t be fair to yourself or make sense. One journey or life is not identical to another. In turn and time, you will come to realise your own destiny and meaning. Transformation as represented by the butterfly, from larvae to having wings. Just as a hero must take a vast journey to sleigh a great evil. Just as the angels are helping people everyday to get their wings. So too, you shall know in time what it means to fly for yourself.

Forgiveness doesn’t come easily. Although to forgive is to be more powerful, it does not absolve those impure of heart or mind of sin. Repentance is needed. You cannot be expected to forgive without repentance. I don’t think we as humans are expected to go this far, although it does and will continue to happen, because here on earth, there is some incredible people. Bad people supposedly forgiving their evil brothers of sin, are no more enlightened, as their gains and relations are founded on evil intentions.

On that point, time to end.

Luke 12:3-4 – “Take heed to yourselves: If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke him; and if he repent, forgive him. And if he trespass against thee seven times in a day, and seven times in a day turn again to thee, saying, I repent; thou shalt forgive him.

Take care all the best.

Feel Me

I am a crumbling wall

You are my earth

Wizard of the Most High, would like to address you on a few points.

Firstly, why is it that winter brings a crushing depression like you could not imagine? Why then, at the start of spring, when the sun is out and the flowers begin to bloom and the heat forms beads of sweat on your forehead… that you suddenly feel better?

Why, in times of great challenge and uncertainty, do people thrive on hurting and persecuting others? In what God created world could such manifestations exist? Is it that negative frequencies and energies simply feed off the pain and misery and thus, they want it to persist, to continue indefinitely?

Yes. That is why, when someone soars above those depressed feelings, negativity, and begins to build a better life, a more robust future and develop themselves beyond any scope that those negative energies can comprehend, it results in various forms of attack. You have more power in the palm of your hand than any negative energy can imagine.

You have more power in the palm of your hand than any negative energy can imagine

Valley – mentions the frequencies.

Sometimes you need assistance when in your hours of need. You can at any time call on God for help and guidance. You may at any time fully delve into your emotions and feelings. Feel the emotions. Make sure you are not lying to yourself, or pushing it to the back of your mind.

There is still a lot of stigma around showing emotions, like crying, especially in public. It is worse I believe for men, who still get attacked from all angles because they are showing these inner feelings. Apparently women want men who are not emotional. How is that going to help society, when people keep coming up with these things, saying that men shouldn’t be like this? Letting go is not a sign of weakness. Being fully immersed in the experiences are not any sign that you have failed or cannot provide for your family.

You can only truly grow and develop if you allow yourself to experience life as it was meant to be. Don’t hide behind any false assumptions or false lies that it is somehow abnormal.

Aids don’t always have to come from some super all powerful God, although it helps. Sources are here on earth for you to try and experience. For example, you could go for long walks in the countryside or nature, go to the beach (my favourite choice) or simply climb a mountain…

The possibilities to help yourself, build that inner temple and achieve your dreams and goals are endless. At times, it can seem hard, but through independence and self reliance and resilience, you will raise your frequency and push aside those negative frequencies, both internal and external.

If you are interested in space stones, yes from outer space, you might like this post about moldavite. . Moldavite, nicknamed the ‘stone of transformation’ and allegedly has a dark mythology. Apparently falling from ‘the battle between Lucifer and the Archangel Michael, moldavite is said to have plummeted to our mortal realm in the midst of a celestial battle.’

It would make sense that space stones are to possess super qualities beyond that of any earth stone, simply because of the time and distance they travelled through space before hitting earth.


.-. . -.-. . .. ...- .. -. --. / -.-- --- ..- .-. / -- . ... ... .- --. . / -. --- .-- .-.-.-

Nuntio accepto tuo.

Pilot: "Mission control, transmit coordinates, delta zero."
Mission control: "Delta zero, negative, landing zone unsafe, abort."
Pilot: "Failure to receive your message, mission control...say again...transmit coordinates."

All alone, lost alone in a space bowl,
got nobody to latch onto,
such awkward lies and consequences,
could this be the end?

So far away from home,
got nobody to latch onto,
my painstakingly bored heart,
canvassed with space art,
a bliss trip space hit.

Pilot: "Mission control, we have contact...dark side of the moon."
Mission control: "Roger that, standby for military assistance."

So little in the air,
as if the aliens don't really care,
who they hurt or who they beat,
every one so perfectly neat,
a mere iron machine cast aside from God,
wandered creatures of space damnation. 

Continuation of our lives,
finding what we would like to find inside,
failing to realise this prison of time,
is all there is, will ever be, is the end,
closing my eyes as I float onward,
control lost magnifique. 

"Welcome to the universe....."


First, you need to plant the seed in soil. You need to add water and light. Wait a few weeks or months, and eventually the seed will have germinated into a lovely flower.

Facts about plants (photosynthesis):

  • The leaves are green due to the chlorophyll and the leaves absorb light for photosynthesis.
  • The first stage of photosynthesis captures energy from the sun to break down water molecules.
  • It takes six molecules of water and six molecules of carbon dioxide to make one molecule of glucose during photosynthesis.
  • The leaves change colour during the autumn because of the reduced photosynthesis.
  • The opposite of photosynthesis is cellular respiration. The process of using energy stored in sugars.

The bottom is an Asiatic Lily that I have placed in my living room. As you can see two bloomed last night, and they are beautiful.

The top photos is an overview of only a small Southerly part of my town. I love to walk up to the heights and get the full panoramic view of everything, especially on such a lovely day.

A blooming mesmerise,
bees delight hidden inside,
withered into autumn,
cradle winter night,
the flower blooms,
not matter what the time.


I am not the type of person who will swear on aromatherapy as a cure all, or the type of individual to swear by essential oils as being the best kind of “better medicine”…

But, general relaxation and peace and quiet of the mind, and maybe some spiritual connection to the divine or even prayer aid, yoga aid, Pilates aid, boxing aid…you name it…I will back up aromatherapy.

So, what is this “therapy you speaketh of?”

According to Wikipedia: “Aromatherapy is based on the usage of aromatic materials, including essential oils, and other aroma compounds, with claims for improving psychological or physical well-being. It is offered as a complementary therapy or as a form of alternative medicine, the first meaning alongside standard treatments, the second instead of conventional, evidence-based treatments.”

My recommendation is this: If you want to explore alternative then this is the place to start your alternative medicine journey. I would say go out and buy a good quality diffuser and some essential oils.

Good beginner oils are Lavender. It is apparently one of the safest to use, being able to apply directly to the skin and even add to the bath. Diffusing lavender essential oil essentially…lol…evapourates the oil and water into a steam to be inhaled. 2 or 3 drops are a good starting point.

Lavender is touted as an anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia aid. “When inhaled, the olfactory bulb can induce emotion and memory. It’s hypothesized that the smell-triggered memory associated with stress can be turned into positive mood and emotions by using certain oils, like lavender.”

A good choice to treat migraine. One small study from European Neurology found participants who inhaled lavender had a reduction in the severity of their pain in just 15 minutes. 

Many love and wishes to you all. Enjoy your day and have a happy and fruitful week. May God bless every single one of you, x.