Word of the day = Regal (Adjective) ‘of, resembling, or fit for a monach, especially in being magnificent or dignified.’ (royal, sovereign, exalted, glorious, striking).

A splendid and royal dinner

the kings gloriously thinner...

… and the crows caw...

… and the roses they attract daws

crown, uplifted, renounce 

regal pied piper

at the dawn of the golden gates.


Henry I (1068-1135) was the King of England from 1100 to his death in 1135. He was the fourth son of William the Conqueror and was educated in Latin and the liberal arts. He will probably not be remembered quite like Henry VIII.

Evenings Musing

How do you feel at the end of the day? Welcome to this evening post by Psychedelic Wizard. This blog will cover poetry, some info on my new short story, and some interesting facts… but not in that order.

Bring some life into your home! Plants are like ‘essential’ to have in your living spaces. The oxygenation and the vibrant life force are surely enough to strengthen anybody’s weary soul.

This is a dracaena and I recently got one for my birthday. They make lovely additions and are quite chatty.

Increasing the green space can boost mental clarity and help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. For example I notice I don’t feel so alone when surrounded by flowers or plants. Don’t let the idea of this put you off, you don’t need a jungle to feel the effects, which are very real indeed.

Poem to close the evening is called: Sundown

Sundown – Acrostic

So as the evening flows like cool air
under the wood bank lay the coal diggers
not to be charged until day
does not make it any less okay
or an owl that fleets its wings
winding down the fig leaf makeshift crew
not even close to have known you 

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Discovery Avenue – TMaxHarrison – Wattpad

Musing <Sunday

I woke up rather late today. I also got some work done which was great. I have in fact just finished said work. I don’t like to do anything intellectual on Sunday as it is supposed to be a day of rest.

Of course, I never truly rest on Sunday. Anyway, I had to do a lot of reading yesterday which took a few hours and my brain started to hurt, soon it was 8pm and I had finished before turning the XBOX on!

Today was more reading, to do with my course you see. Last week I drafted my first ‘opinion’.. something that pays well apparently. An opinion is something that barristers write to their professional clients (the solicitor) advising them on their case that they sent, the merits and downsides etc.

It was more drafting today, but not an opinion. Instead moving onto ambitious pastures, those tutors feel we are already able to start drafting ‘particulars of claim.’ I must admit that at first I thought I would be working all day. I ended up finishing rather quickly. I do work efficiently and quicker than most people, so when someone tells me that they spent over 12 hours doing the ‘work’ last week, I was naturally skeptical. Perhaps all that early morning kaffee went to their bulging brains rather quickly! When in doubt, keep your mouth shut (as I now like to think to myself, too many times, especially when the morning train is delayed).

Well, I have about 5 or 6 hours before I bother to go to bed. I have a feeling that I will struggle to sleep as I woke up late today. Who can blame me? Oh, yes, almost forgot to mention… last weeks criminal skills started to focus on witness handling… need I say more? This is 90% of my brains thoughts at the moment. EAT, SLEEP, STUDY, WORK, PLAY, DREAM. That last one is important, one must try to escape the reality they are in sometimes otherwise they risk becoming obsolete robotic androids who can only dream of electric sheep… had to do it.

But if we take existence as we know it. To breathe, to experience, to have emotions and thoughts, and we get rid of that, then what is left? There is nothing, or is there? Is the brain the sole source of thought and consciousness as we understand? What about those people having out of body experiences when they have a cardiac arrest? Does that mean that the mind and consciousness are two separate entities capable of existing without one another? Would it be plausible to suggest that there is narrative structure to the universe and human beings? That the lives we all play out are highly detailed and scripted storylines written ourselves. To say that humans are experiencing life as we know it because they created this reality is not a new concept.

But, that is all for today. I leave you with a poem called : NARRATIVE


New to the universe
and we don't have any independence
really scared of our own existence
ready to grow and learn and love
and then we become aware
that this existence is mere square
in our minds of one
Venus's unknown suns