Vesta "call on me"

call my name

hold my hand

be my rock

my guide and thy hope

"I hope to stay"

you hope too much

"hope not enough"

yet the moon is now red

through the mist your family is dead

I see a crash

"you are the crash"

tonight we meet on the edge of our desire

"crash" she said

climbed the vines of destiny


Dependency Culture

(noun) A culture or lifestyle characterized by individuals’ dependency on state benefits such as welfare,Means%20tested%20child%20tax%20credits%20Free%20prescriptions%20e.t.c

Welcome to this short post on dependency culture. It seems a bigger problem now than ever. Are you dependent on the state for somethin or a corporation? Do you want to be? Do you have a choice? The reality is everyone is dependent on the system of the government and the banks to live, because they are the lawmakers and the ones who control the money and they say we need money to live.

The reality is everyone is dependent on the system of the government and the banks to live, because they are the lawmakers and the ones who control the money and they say we need money to live.


Many other things we can become dependent on. Fast food, money, technology, phones, social media, other people, welfare, drugs, alcohol, sex, exercise, being busy, being with people, not being able to look after yourself.

Over the last few years the issue of dependency has grown from the helpless state the world had been left in. From being unable to work and refused to access work to being refused access to going outside, to mandatory clothing and mandatory positions to stand in when at the supermarket and the distant to keep from one another… These are mere tools of control and have no reality in science and the evidence strongly showed it nothing more than a mild illness for the majority of people. We became dependent on the government for news updates on what to wear, where to stand, who to meet and what to say and think… and everyone followed like sheep.

We became dependent on the government for news updates on what to wear, where to stand, who to meet and what to say and think… and everyone followed like sheep.


Things were as normal for a lot though, with many still going abroad on holidays and days out seemingly unaffected by travel bans or restrictions, and holding indoor gatherings of multiple households. Despite saying people obeying were like sheep, the people completely ignoring the guidance and living normally are the ones who should be ashamed of themselves. They were not above the rest, as their fellow humans struggled they fobbed them off and carried on. They were in fact dependent on their own ignorance. And this ladies and gentlemen is by far the most dangerous thing in the human race. It leads to acts of selfishness and as we’ve seen nothing is more dangerous than this.

Why not come together? Why not be individuals? We can learn our own dependency and gather our own tools and systems. But, we should never leave people suffering, bring them into the fold of being an individual. Nurture them.

But, we should never leave people suffering, bring them into the fold of being an individual. Nurture them.


When kids are racing to the fast food restaurants to eat junk, encourage them to go elsewhere or make their own food for half the cost. If you see people afraid to socialise why are you being nasty to them instead of inviting them along? If someone is crying in public why are you not asking them if they are okay?

Dependency on yourself is key. Dependency on the mass thinking or the thoughts and ideas of others will lead to you becoming a robot. You are already under their control whether you like it or not. The banks control your money, the government controls the laws, the housing and the economy and so do businesses.

You gave them that power, now you need to reclaim it.


All the best.

Would it be Nice

It would be nice to feel the sand under my feet

it would be nice to watch the clouds in the sky

and it would be nice if we could meet

and maybe not to spend any time to cry

would it be nice

or would it be wrong

if we could skate on ice

or just accept that we belong

it would be nice to see everything

perhaps never seeing anything

or just let it breeze away like nothing

at all had existed in my heart these days

would it be nice I used to ask

all I had to ask for, would it be.

Hi Everyone 🌟

Hi all you wonderful followers! I hope you are having a good productive start to the new month.

May I ask, how are you all?

I am okay, but I feel like I am surviving at the moment rather than thriving. I guess this has been the case for some time. Finishing the novella Beach Town: Survivors was a boost though. But I need to complete editing it and then publish it here for you all to read. I wrote it fairly quickly. You can read the ‘blurb’ or back cover here 👇 any feedback welcomed, or general thoughts on any aspect. If you just want to know a little more, then ask!

So life seems to be continually spinning around and passing by. They say the older you are, the quicker time passes. It feels faster over the last few years, probably because of everything going on.

Now onto something both ridiculous, and offensive: 👇 (I am not associated with these messages, the phone or anything else in this screenshot).

I want to know what led to this conversation. Sounds like the guy is the one in the wrong, but we don’t know what the woman said before this, so is quite possible she led him on in some way. Anyway, hilarious comments ensued such as ‘smooth talker,’ and ‘he’s keen.’

Gossiping around the kitchen table. Tastes like melon salad. ‘Gimme the sugar baby.’ I’m sure you’ll all feel well when you start eating smart tablets. Please remember to fold your tray in the upright position in the event of a crash landing.

I welcome any thoughts on the above messages. I found it both disturbing and funny, in the sense that I could not tell if this was serious. Maybe they are just pulling our legs? I’ll end of a free style poem;

Bold 🌟

The inner light

outer dark

rounded and most efficient

altered states

the closed gates

distrust, betrayal

The World is in Pain

The world is in pain and we must change now to prevent a worldwide fatal incident which will be detrimental to humanity.

The time for being selfish is over. We are now at a point in human existence whereby we cannot live as we currently do and not expect something bad to happen. In life you have a series of slow burning problems, with much bigger problems like war, famine, disease and extinction of species just to name a few. There are international organisations out there doing the work to help and save the planet and the people on it.

Some of the biggest issues are these: malnutrition and hunger (795m people not receiving the correct amount), aids (epidemic, 2016 1 million died from it), malaria, air pollution, lack of human rights, lack of education, gender inequality, conflict and war, displacement and global poverty (1 billion children live in poverty).

Organisations trying to improve and eradicate these issues include: Oxfam, doctors without borders, food and agriculture organisation of the United Nations, human rights watch, Bill and Melinda gates foundation, red cross, save the children, the Borgen project, the world bank, United Nations development programme, United Nations children’s fund (UNICEF), world food programme, world health organisation, world wide fund for nature (WWF).

What could you do to improve things? I would suggest research and education to schools, colleges and universities worldwide so that people are fully aware of the issues. I am not talking about telling them and then not doing anything. I am talking radical shifts, offering programmes to young people who want to go over to the disadvantaged, and suffering countries and help. Allow them the opportunity to go, fund the programmes well. It might incentivise the human race to become more compassionate. You can offer similar things in developed countries, programmes where people can help the homeless, the poor, the sick etc. Sure they could go work for a charity, but the majority don’t have hands on roles, they don’t work directly with the issues.

It results in a distanced vision of what the issues are, without really seeing them for themselves. The problems start with people not caring, because if they did the world would be a better place. The problem is also the mindset that things can’t change. If they couldn’t change then the organisations out there doing the work wouldn’t bother. We’ve all seen the adverts which proclaim to be helping, but when we see the results in person, it makes it so much more effective. It sparks ‘the inner good’ within the human heart, the compassionate desire to aid other beings. If the world is in pain, which means humans are in pain too, then we need to start being better people.


Lemon melon pickled hens anus

Passion irons lemons

Like secular round lemon pie

Patron on lemons sky

Move over lemon!

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