Decision Time

The time has come

the here and the now

it's time to make a choice

to stand tall or to fall

to begin to regret or embrace it all

now is the time for change

now is the time to let go

of all that you desire

that can't pass through the fire

that wouldn't look good to the King of Tyre

now feel those waves

passing slowly overhead

and breathe deeply

but don't forget those weeply souls

those who never got old

because I have to give

but a mere penance of life

that vanishes in the blink of an eye.


A field of likes,
superficial dopaminic rushes,
catching each blow brushed against your weakened ego,
a like is a thousand kisses, blank, black.

A lifetime of not feeling, seeking never ending reassurances,
but the feeling, a feeling so slim, so fleeting,
is all you are ever needing,
for those feelings, 
lie in the valley of deception,
your tiger eyes,

Do you need each brief hug or embrace,
a brief encounter with your fate,
like icicles in the sky,
every teardrop a dying cry,
can darken the skies,
or enlighten those turning times.


Stems from the soil,
the hands had pressed solidly,
sprouted from time immemorial,
to lands long forgotten,
a surging current,
snaking around your mind,
a creative daze,
you could always find.

Art cometh the hour,
and hand to paper,
a story from  dust,
to dust thee shall return,
to the pit of writers despair it shall return.


When you stare down the blank cannon of confusement,
look blankly into the eyes of unknown and unforgiving pain,
shake at the sight of otherworldly emotions,
never losing faith.

Cornered into the pit of others despair,
feared for all you have undone,
cast outside for burning love so full.
of the wind and the trees,
and one last breath,
breathing lament into the sight of your faith.

A blackened mirror,
your sphere of negativity,
blasting onto others,
do unto them, as they do to nobody,
change step by step,
don't be afraid of faith,
or fearful of transparency.

Sometimes an open book,
can be read with eyes closed,
just as an open heart,
always beats in the dark,
the darkest of places,
finding faith.

And if you are ready,
your transparent soul wished to heaven.