∞ Progressive and elucidated

Determine and destroyed

Crucified and repented

∞ Because of my suffering

          Because of the pain

                   Love is the way

                             And the world is a vision

                                      An illusion 

∞ Fantasy and reality

          Pop up religions

                   Angels flock to the I

                             So long as I can see

∞ Reveal the truth when you are ready

          Don’t let them take it all away

                   Pray all the callous away

                              Seize the day

∞ I have another way to go

          Seven dimensions yet to go

                   In a vengeful tasteful silent path

                             Behind that stained glass

∞ Travelling on             

          Moving on           

                   Forgetting and gone

                             To the beyond

∞ An empty vessel

          An empty chalice 

                   An empty hall

                             An empty heart

                                      Your empty hurt

                                                Our empty lives

                                                          The Godless healers

                                                                   The foolish believers

                                                                             The devil upheavals.

Vos donate mihi?

Operor vos habere cor?
(Do you have a heart?)

Ego solveret.
(I'm breaking)

Your heart for the taking

I'm breaking

come and see our making

Dreaming of the awakening

Reaching out

Nobody there

To respond

To the darkness

To my light

Never and forever

Except that night

I can see you alright

And God makes us, alright.


Candidly I say to you,
"be open hearted, what you need,"
you lock onto my every move,
"Have faith in your dreams, they have faith in you,"
I watch your lips,
with every syllable,
getting closer,
"To your destination."

QUOTE - “Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” - Oscar Wilde


The unthinkable,
a long word,
a long day,
some say that you are the way,
the way out of the hey,
my heyday long gone,
should you shun the sun,
instead you go on the run,
bettering yourself threatened by the gun,
no longer any fun.

dead and afraid,
losing your ways,
trying to display,
better days,
ultimate fantasies, 
seemingly open catastrophes,
bunch of honey bees,
more like moneys,
pouring from the,


Follow your dreams and ambitions, don’t let anyone deter or hurt you. Never change to suit someone else’s agenda, be yourself, live and laugh. Explore topics of interest, get educated or start a career in a field you like. 

“Walk on the path that is empty and eventually, people will follow.”

It gets hard at times, harder so when you are pushed and beaten to the bottomless pit by greedy vipers intent on ruining the love and compassion that pours from your heart. It’s not enough to stand aside and let the darkness encapsulate the light or sit silent as the clouds block out your sunshine. It’s not enough to deter the evil whilst passively ignoring the cruelty that is so dominant in the world. It takes truth, courage, fearless warriors that are destined through their lives to lead and rise up and rebel. There is no violence to come, only peace. Peace can attain a thousand armies of justice, more so than the pitiful weapons of the scared. True love and insight is born from the seed planted since time immemorial. An angel guides you into the chambers, you seek your path and beat it until all those nay-sayers are begging for forgiveness. You walk confidently among the beautiful hearted, the caring and sweet tendered, musically lipped friends that you are safe with.

Fear no evil, see no evil, be no evil.

It Happens

When you least expect it,

anytime any place,

it’s almost like a race,

finish and then look back with a beaten smile,

designer dog and expensive car,

returning from work,

wondering who the **** you are,

grasping at the nostalgia,

of days long passed,

trying to climb out,

of that sack of ballast.