January, and I was not so shocked to all of a sudden be staring into a snow storm. Shocking, very shocking. Imagine that sudden unexpected buzz electrifying your soul like a bulb, a white and annoying bulb.

It feels like when I walk in it, it’s not so bad, it’s freezing but always liberating. I have controversial thoughts that get easily muddled when it hits my jacket.

Anyone ever see a bird flying through a storm? Not an iron bird, an actual living creature with feathers, because I certainly haven’t, otherwise it would be rather…buzzzzz


We start off pretty agile as babies and then as we grow we lose our ability to run as fast as we used to and bend into every shape imaginable.

You might have run two miles today, but ten years ago you could run twenty. I think then, that your agility has become nothing more than a past memory…

Don’t give up because it is a mind set to lose motivation and become depressed, instead rise above it and tell yourself you are the same person, just older.

We don’t want reminders everyday that life is fast or that our bodies our slowly seizing up. Although, when I watch actors in their fifties running in movies I think, how can they do that still? I think we will see as time moves on that the new old increases and our ability to be young stays with us longer.


This is a tribute to all the entertaining artists in the music industry, and to all those who make music for the love of it! Without their music and efforts to make the world a better place, I don’t think many people would make it past 20.

Calling out to these people in particular because they harness a hidden confidence which allows them to create and share. The people who fear they make terrible music shouldn’t, and should let the whole world hear it.


Before the invention of the modern, slim TVs, I used to have to endure many periods where the TV would enter a static phase. There would be nothing on it, nothing, but a little irritating hiss and sparkles that some say house secret voices.

It was electrifying, touching the screen as the silver and black lines dominated it, I could feel my soul light up like a Christmas tree. Why, is that the result of electricity or a collection of trapped ghouls, leeching through onto my skin?

It’s strange but in the static you become slow enough and present enough to be able to endure your own minds gibberish, you embrace unknowingly the moment as you wait for the film to start or the signal to adjust. We should take that, we should use it, we should become still like the fizzing static and prepare to engage once again in the constantly forward moving of time and increase in stress.

We should take time to become static.



We evoke a primal feeling within ourselves unknowingly, it can make us nervous and fearful and anxious, it can make us want sex and food and to fight to the death, it can ruin us.

Our brains are shaped from birth and beliefs implanted by others, we can evoke our true nature and forget about the everyday struggles. We should bring about a sense of love and remember a time when we felt calm and seduced by nature, to carry on in this life.

Carving a future

The current state of politics and media is appalling, they are carving a pretty bland and depressing future for our descendants.

We vote them in and watch their news reports hoping for a glimpse of hope, instead they bombard the masses with nonsensical logic. Why do we let them? We might not believe it but we somehow enjoy putting our faith in the weather man and someone with a suit. Don’t get used to it, they can’t save you, they won’t save you and definitely don’t care for your actual opinion.

Perhaps we should carve a tattoo to their brains that proclaims our insanity for them to enjoy. No, they do the carving, they carve a recession and we fill in the gaps. They carve wars and religions and everything else, so that we can fill in the crevices.

Instead of falling into the grooves, climb out and carve your own mindset, carve your own future.


I stop and think once in a while, it clears things up and breaks things down. Don’t let it carry you into the abyss though, because sometimes thinking can become overwhelming, to the point of a melt down.

It can be said that we need to observe ourselves in order to improve, but it isn’t often said that overthinking and over correcting can be all to dangerous to our mental health. Quieting the mind from stress and not worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet is a great way to live in peace.

Ruminate only when you have time to procrastinate because it is the same thing in a sense, all the time spent thinking about it could be spent doing it, or better yet, enjoying life!

I want to go to the city for a day out, but I do not know where I will go or whom I will go with. I keep thinking and researching and texting people to get ideas, my whole plan is flawed. But wait, I don’t even need to go yet, and when I do, I don’t think about it, I just do it.

Keep living in the moment and try to limit your expectations because they are most certainly wrong.