Child Abuse ~ Hard Silence

A single moment in a child life can cast a shadow that will stay a lifetime. Child abuse is an often quiet, silent abuse in which the children are often ignored and very frequently gaslighted. The children may be labelled liars, which is to diminish instantly anything they say.

Let me state my position on this awful and yet somehow ongoing issues in the modern world. Anyone calling a child a liar should automatically be registered on a watch dog type register with government. Then, they should be investigated using social workers. If it transpires that they are telling the truth, which I find hard to believe, then of course move on. But keep them on the register and provide support to the children. Because as the case may be, the child is all too afraid to speak out. Also, why would it be better to believe the adult? I have never met a child that lies, consistently. The occasional lie I can understand, it is part of natural development for a child to lie to understand if it is wrong.

Then the fear element is engaged. Abused children wouldn’t be instantly taken from abusive parents if an allegation is made, as far as I am aware. ‘Authorities’ get involved and this can take some time. Perhaps if there is instant support and the child is removed, that would help. I have yet to see this happen myself, although it probably is, but not frequently.

It is still rampant and although the media has shoved articles and news down our throats about abusive relationships, domestic abuse to women, and abusive partners, during lockdown… it failed to mention child abuse. Do you think a woman is the only abused person in a house with children? Do you think the real issue was child abuse as opposed to abuse of women? Are you seriously telling me that during the lockdown in which schools, day care and others were shut that absolutely no children suffered abuse of any kind? Give me a break. It is under reported and hidden away because if people really knew how common this crime was then they might think differently about ‘lovely society’ or those abusive parents at school they met. Schools are an issue in themselves, often not caring as much as they claim. When cases of abuse are exposed the usual line of programming is ‘they are shocked and will work to make sure this never happens again.’ Rhetoric. If they did something, child abuse would have ceased hundred of years ago.

Having experienced child abuse, these children can often go on to use drugs and alcohol and develop mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. It might lead to more serious conditions like disassociation disorders – where the pain is too much so they disconnect from the body. In that situation, you might wonder how on earth they could ever get help if they can’t even remember the abuse. Those are the most serious cases, sadly I have read about them. It results in post traumatic stress disorder {PTSD} which can further impact a child. Flashbacks and feelings of reliving the events will seriously impact them. It does not matter how long it goes on, but that it will impact them for the rest of their lives. They can use coping mechanisms and may need medication to help. It impacts their wellbeing, sense of self and lot of people commit suicide because of the abuse. Many adults who experienced abuse as children may avoid talking about it or become very distressed or upset when asked about it.

The child has low self-esteem from the abuse. If it revolves around mental abuse, they will grow up with distorted perceptions of themselves, often not having confidence, feeling like they are not good enough or having emotional and relationship issues which might mean they prefer to stay alone. A hard silence they endure. If everyone spoke about the abuse they suffered, and I suspect it is very common, then it would be more than 1,000,000 people I suspect. Although the law prevents people from physically attacking people, it does not criminalise physical punishment on children. What this means is that, they can in fact physically hurt them and class it as ‘punishment’ for bad behaviour. Look at the article below.

I am not surprised that it is not law already. Can you believe people oppose this? They think punishment should be left to parents. Well, I have news for you, delusional political statues, any form of violence – mental and physical – is abuse and is disgusting. What you are really doing by opposing it, is saying quite obviously that you condone that behaviour. Do you realise what is being done to these children? Do you think slapping a 4 year old child across the face is acceptable? You might want to keep the dangerous cycle of child abuse in society, but I don’t.

What do you think? If I ever see someone hit a child, and yes it is more common than you think especially in public {disgusting} then I will and do speak out against it I would encourage you all to consider taking a stand if you see it.

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We All Wish To Be, Peter Pan

After watching that most bittersweet of children’s tales, Peter Pan, tonight I found myself taken back by that inner desire to never truly grow up, to live in a world full of vast imagination and seemingly eternal happiness. The boy who never grew up. The adult who wishes to be the boy again. The conflict of good and evil and its heroic shaping of the human heart. I watched Peter Pan (2003), starring Jason Isaacs as Hook and Jeremy Sumpter as Peter. It’s an amazing movie and I remember watching it when it first came out.

Why do we all wish we were this boy who never grew up? I suppose any child at some point questions whether they will ever grow up or stay a child forever, that innocence of not-knowing their own fate. In the world of the adults, we have villains and we have something even more intimidating, responsibility. A child, most of their time, will not realise what such external pressures and life forces await them once they hit the adult phase. Bills, more bills, work, social commitments (God help us with this one), personal accountability, education (If they so choose, after school), the horrors of the media and news (If not already watching it), the vast internet, the magic of illicit substances, drinking and smoking, culture and the ideas of classes in society and the divide between rich and poor, the motivation behind their own desires, the temptation to overwork or not to work, a world full of completely awful things.

If that child is so fortunate to be shielded or have a moderately good upbringing in a fairly well-off family, they might not be exposed to reality for the majority of their childhood or teen years, sometimes beyond, or quite possibly, never, if they have the wealth. We all deep down in our adult hearts wish to be in a simple time, a place with no responsibility and where we had the glow and shine of being children. A timeless story and one which can be told anywhere and to anyone. Did you ever have thoughts as a child or never growing up? How do you feel now you have, is it that daunting?

I wish sometimes to understand what has happened to me. But, through the course of my life have come to the answer myself. I will never have the answer. Why did I go through this? Why would that feel so long ago, yet, it is not that long ago? Did you ever find yourself not wanting to wake up from that dream? Do you feel younger in dreams? Oh, how the dream has long played a role in our lives.

The haunting reality of the world is extremely disturbing even to the strongest willed of us. The attempt to blanket that with the use of fairy tales, and to provide entertainment and life lessons, is quite popular. One only needs to look at Disney (Who also made an animated Peter Pan) to see the attempt to shield children from the world and to make it look colourful and full of love and happy endings. Over the years, movies have changed slightly, not all of them are happy endings and ‘live forever after’ in love. But, it is not for people to make such movies, because children do need love and good to conquer evil and fear, otherwise what is being taught to them? Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up, a desire of many men, yet, the envy of a lot of adults. To see beyond what is presented and to understand why the story is significant is important, ironically, to becoming an adult.

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Mysterious stranger becomes visible through thick fog

"I remember my father once said..."

'Now shall we praise the Warden of Heaven-Kingdom
the might of the Measurer and his purpose
work of the Wulder-Father as he of wonders
Eternal Lord the beginning created'

She stands upright

Knight is nodded into aura

"Time to begin again, the time has passed, to venture into the darkness"

He kisses her hand outstretched

"I'll belong one day, be long gone."

Moon light.

*- Here is my post called: A DARK WALK ( It can relate to the above in a sense, or maybe not.

What is a Fast?

Fasting is the willful refrainment from eating and sometimes drinking (see Water fasting and Juice fasting). From a purely physiological context, “fasting” may refer to the metabolic status of a person who has not eaten overnight (see the “Breakfast”), or to the metabolic state achieved after complete digestion and absorption of a meal. Several metabolic adjustments occur during fasting.” – Wikipedia.

That’s right. I’m into DAY 2 OF MY FAST. Cold feet. I am documenting this to keep me distracted as finding it harder than I used to. This could be due to medication I am on. Anyway, when one fasts, they have digested any food in them and are now entering a phase where the body will not be able to use outside calories to survive. Their bodies turn inwards and begin to devour glucose stores and such. Further down the line when glucose is no longer taken from the liver among others, which is not that efficient at keeping us going, our bodies turn to ketosis. Keto, or ketosis is a state where the body burns fat and is a more efficient way to sustain the body.

So when people say a high fat diet is bad, they should be saying when combined with sugar, which could result in cancer. High fat is beneficial especially for the brain. The brain will be healing from the lack of sugar and the ketones will boost mental clarity and cognitive awareness, I would say, after 3 days you really get big benefits but even skipping breakfast (breaking the fast) can be great. Our brains are made of around 60% fat! ( That’s an astonishing amount. Keto diet is also very popular and you might benefit from this if you are intermittent fasting.

I am not abstaining from liquids like tea or water. I am drinking those in sufficient amounts to prevent any low blood pressure associated with not eating all the time… or should I say, stabilised blood pressure. Fasting could be difficult if you have diabetes, as you will be producing glucose for a short while from storage which could raise blood sugar levels, this will get better over a few days. I would not advise anyone in a health capacity but if you take insulin or anything else to lower blood sugar, don’t fast without medical advice or, use your fat brain and don’t use insulin because you won’t be eating. Insulin would impact the fast, because it will prevent your body entering a true fat burning state.

How do I feel? Thanks for asking, Wizard. I feel okay, but my lungs are trying to shift some kind of mucous from the cartilage or something because having a bit of pain there. Not something that used to happen. I haven’t really made a big deal of fasting in the past, but now I find it quite difficult and it is my fault for not following on with it. When I started to live alone and could actually have food and such I realised there was no reason to fast anymore. (But let’s not dwell on the vile scum perpetuating to care).

The ability to order fast food online is a big problem in the UK and I think other developed nations. The service is usually poor, the food of low quality and the whole thing is just a mess. Yet, people continue to order food from these franchises using an app on their phone. What happened to going out to a restaraunt or heck, making or cooking your own? People do need to fast but because it takes 2 clicks to order a big fast food meal, they don’t bother.

Ever tried it?

Without Leave to Enter

“Without leave to enter”

The Immigration Crisis in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is facing one of the biggest migrant crises of recent times. Thousands of desperate and persevering individuals come to the UK each year with hopes of a better life. Then there is the other side of the coin, the groups who are not permitted to cross that channel, those coming into the country ‘without leave to enter’.

It’s not the safest route to take, but thousands do, every year. The Channel between France and the UK has become the rite of passage for many vulnerable people coming from outside of the EU. It has been argued that in order to reach the UK, one must travel through a safe country, perhaps those coming in feel that the multitude of EU countries they pass through do not provide as much safety, security and leisure as the UK.

It’s been a highly debated issue for many decades, with recent politicians such as Nigel Farage commenting frequently on the crisis, recently interviewing immigration lawyer Ivon Sampson on GB News, where Ivon disagreed with Farage’s assessment of the channel crossings where Mr. Farage had stated that many of the migrants crossing the channel were economic migrants, rather than asylum seekers, with the UK being the ‘holy grail’ for them in terms of work and living conditions. Ivon rebutted the statement by saying that…

… “I deal in facts, as a lawyer” before going on to further state that “two-thirds crossing the Channel are genuine refugees – that is a fact.”

His statement was met not met well, with the crowd jeering and disagreeing with him. That is not surprising, as the UK has seen surges in migrants for many years with numbers of 27,000 illegal immigrants being recorded in 2018, figures from the previous 4 years, with 28 police forces across Britain arresting migrants without leave to enter. Those arrests come from a combination of factors, such as intercepting the migrants in lorries and during raids, and after the migrant has committed a ‘low level crime.’

This undoubtedly puts pressure on the economy. Local communities see an increase in crime, and landlords see more properties ruined by the overcrowding that migrants frequently do to evade detection and live cheaply, sometimes freely. Tory backbencher Philip Hollobone said that “these people should be stopped at the border it shouldn’t be up to the police to arrest them.” There have been multiple calls by MP’s to increase funding to Britain’s borders. Would this resolve the issue though? The seas can only be policed to a certain extent, and denying a boat of migrants safe passage to the UK would begin to encroach on some very uneven moral grounds. The Home Office has reasserted that the government is in a position to deal with the immigration crisis, further stating the crisis can have a detrimental impact on the local communities.

The Channel is not the only means to enter the UK. Organized crime syndicates will be making money on shipping migrants on lorries, on planes and through a variety of other means. Will the government fund the monitoring of private airfields? Will funding come from an imaginary pot?

The Dublin Convention dictates the processes on how to return asylum seekers to their country of origin and lays out who is responsible for asylum seekers being processed, however the UK it no longer a part of this deal. Individuals seeking to return to their own countries, for whatever reason within reason, are able to go and fill out an online form for a ‘voluntary return.’ This allows migrants the chance to gain a passport and travel documents and pay for travel tickets, if you arrived in the UK without anything, against your will, then this might be a suitable option.

However, it misses one huge point, that migrants may not have access to the internet and may be unable to understand how to go about accessing this service, which is available for illegal immigrants. It provides a safe passage back for to their home country, but it doesn’t deal with the issues and only raises more questions on how this is going to work effectively on a large scale and how it can be enforced. The scheme is also not available to those being investigated by the police or who have been detained by the Home Office. The scheme offers financial support of up to £3000. Again, who is going to enforce this, the Home Office requires that the individuals need an address in the UK, how can they have an address possibly answer this is they are living rough, on the streets? It also requires an email address. I don’t expect many migrants crossing the Channel to have either, and I don’t think many of them will be capable of a) understanding the full extent of the UK system or b) understanding the English language. This puts them at a huge disadvantage, especially if they are genuine asylum seekers. Referring back to Farage’s point that they are economic migrants, that might add weight to the argument that they have become semi-fluent in English before they embarked on their expensive boat crossing. This would certainly aid them in returning to their home countries. But we don’t know for sure how many migrants have issues with accessing government or local services. The scheme ends by saying that the Home Office will contact the migrant within 3 days to confirm receipt of the application.

Not all migrants are illegal and not all have been refused entry. Migrants can come from another country, not being of British of Commonwealth citizenship and according to Sections 3 and 4 of the Immigration Act 1971, an immigration officer may give leave to enter for a limited period with or without certain conditions.

Those conditions being any or all of the following:

  1. Conditions restricting employment or occupation in the UK;
  2. Conditions requiring a person to maintain and accommodate themselves and any dependents without recourse to public funds;
  3. Condition requiring them to register with the police; and
  4. Conditions restricting his studies within the UK

(The above is not an exact wording).

There are options for migrants genuinely seeking to come to the UK. Why then do so many risk their lives trying to cross a wild, abhorrent section of the Channel? The number of boats containing migrants crossing the Channel in 2018 was reported by the Home Office to be recorded at 562 as attempting to cross, of those, 297 arrived. 144 were reportedly intercepted and returned to France and a further 121 aborted departures from France.

Those figures were significantly increased in 2019. Sky News collated figures of up the 1,456 migrants that had successfully crossed the Channel by small boat, almost 5 times the 2018 figure. Sky News also stated in a 2019 article that ‘just 6% of illegal migrants crossing the Channel since December are deported by UK.’ This came after Prime Minister Boris Johnson said at the time that the migrants would be sent back, meaning they would not be able to settle in the UK. Then Home Secretary Sajid Javid described the illegal crossings as a “major incident.” The report from the Home Office as concerning to say the least, with “over 85” being sent back in 2019. One migrant, asylum seeker Masoud Mohammadifar came to the UK after being accused of being a spy and was jailed for 6 months. His journey across the Channel was described as…

… “dark and we had nothing to help us find our way in the sea.” He also said that he “just prayed for my life, to Jesus Christ to save us.” It was also suggested that the French police did little to obstruct the migrants from crossing, in line with current reports that the French will refuse to act unless the UK pays them more money to manage the crisis. The UK has already paid tens of millions of pounds to halt the crossings, yet despite scrutiny from MPs and critics alike, this is not value for money.

Jeremy Corbyn, former leader of the Labour party was interviewed back in 2019 as saying that the migrants coming into the UK have come from vulnerable situations, from worn torn countries and that the UK needs to play its part in managing the international migrant crisis, whereas current conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that if you come to the UK illegally, expect to be treated as an illegal immigrant and face the consequences. Two opposing parties, and differing views, yet the crisis remains unchanged, in fact, it has grown worse.

How is the UK handling the record number of migrants in 2021? A record breaking 10,000 have supposedly crossed the Channel in the first six months, according to Sky News. The UK government must also accept an asylum seeker for the duration of their asylum claim, and they have a duty to process that claim, so it comes down in theory to determining whether the migrants crossing the Channel are genuine asylum seekers or mere economic migrants. Contrasting the UKs asylum applications with that of other European Union countries, Germany had in 2020 102,500 applications, Greece had 37,900, yet the UK had only 29,456. What does this tell us about the UK position?

It could suggest that our border enforcement system is merely not working, that our workforce is lacking, and that funding is seriously needed in order to patrol both the Channel and the beaches of Kent. But funding is only one solution. Creating a safe and welcoming application process and one which would enable a wider group of people to come to the UK may potentially offset the numbers who are embarking on an extremely dangerous journey across the Channel. But there is the argument that there is only financial gains to be had if one comes to the UK, and yet, those individuals are supposedly coming in illegally, surely making their own situation more dire. Local authorities and local housing and hotels have frequently been employed in housing the migrants, as we see in the current Afghanistan refugee crisis the system can work for those in genuine need. At the cost of the local economies, and the pockets of the taxpayers. A fine balancing act exists in which there is seemingly a ‘closed mouth’ approach to discussing the issues that are so blatantly in front of us, and yet, being able to talk openly about those issues without fear of persecution.

Current cabinet member, Home Secretary Priti Patel said in an interview on the Andrew Marr show, BBC, that “they are seeing unprecedent numbers of migrants,” and that “there is no magic solution to this,” noting work with shouldering EU countries France and Germany. The 140% increase of crossings since 2020, as a result of generally increasing migration numbers cannot, according to Priti Patel, be fixed with “short term solutions.” The measures of the coast guard are unsatisfactory and yet the government and home department seem reluctant to enforce any meaningful and useful solutions. Priti Patel does stipulate that there is an increased focus on targeting gangs who ship the migrants and intercepting and returning migrants back to France.

Ultimately the weight of the problem will be in the limelight when it suits. Dealing with human beings in a compassionate and understanding way and making sure that potential criminals and economic beneficiaries do not come into the country unchecked, leaves a big hole. That hole I believe cannot be fulfilled. The UK needs to start to respond to the crisis by allowing more time and effort to be allocated to the issues, both of policing the Channel, and catering for those who wash up on our shores. Migrants need to be educated before they reach France, before they pay thousands for the boat ride across the Channel, in order to fully understand the consequences of being an illegal migrant, so that the system can be seen to be deterring individuals, rather than merely ‘turning them back’ or ‘having police arrest them.’  Until the government has fully embraced the situation and accepted that they need to do more, I feel that nothing more will be done.

The Dangerous Realities of Social Media

The 21st century phenomenon known as social media has swept and dominated the online mindset, along with polluting our daily lives and starting some questionable trends… ice bucket challenge anyone?

Not to have a social media account of some variety, or to be informed at the click of a button every 5 seconds of current goings-on, would make you out of touch, old and just why?

Why would you not engage with millions, wait, billions of people over the globe and connect in some small way to help make the world a better place? I can think of a dozen reasons. But wait, what’s that calling in the background? It’s not the chant of the crowd that changes anything, it is what that crowd does to the outsiders.

A dangerous, cult like reality has dawned on society over the last 10 years. Although prior to 2010 there was still the issues of online fraud, bullying and death threats, the recent decade has seen these issues amplified and made worse by the obsession with constant media and information in take. Hunchbacks abound as they slog to the local shop to pay with their phone. Who are They? The ones with little conscious thought of reality, to anything beyond the screen, so doped up on insensitivity and mind numbing tweets that not less than a terabyte could enter their minds at any given moment.

Hunchbacks abound as they slog to the local shop to pay with their phone

People suffer from fatigue at various levels. People suffer headaches, backaches among other pains. People can have emotional breakdowns. People can become mentally fatigued. People can suffer sleep loss.

When someone ignores the symptoms, they can develop into something far more serious. I suspect this is what is happening with chronic social media users. I use the term ‘chronic’ because the average daily user of social media will spend on average 109 minutes a day on it, according to statistics from 2020 ( Average daily time using the internet on any device was a whopping 386 minutes. I think we can make an assumption, something accepted as true ( that most people spend too much time using a digital device and too much time engaging… or should I say absorbing useless information from social media.

To what end though? We are only aware of a small percentage of online social media users who were subject to torment and abuse for prolonged periods when the news shows it. A lot of people are quite public, so to speak, about wanting to commit suicide and end up posting highly disturbing content on their social media pages, which can result in help being given, but not unusually will the social media site simply remove the content and nothing more is done. It cries out in large bold letters that suicide is a public health crisis which could not simply be fixed by removing the suicidal content of its depressed users from the internet. If you want to read more about the correlation between suicide and social media check out this: (

There has been suggestions in the not so long ago past that social media can lead to obsessive behaviour, depression, anxiety and a number of other conditions. Conditions expanded, radical groups ( use these friend sites to create and target young, sometimes angry and impressionable teens and children into becoming a part of their extremist groups. One example is the fairly recent case of Maysa – real name withheld – who was first contacted through social media ( The initial contact quickly led to radical life changes, behaviour changes and general out of the ordinary goings on with the youngster. It was developing into a real life radicalisation, the young girl being ‘given’ a ‘phone and sim card’ to keep secret, with which she received the communications from the group. The even more recent cases that we don’t here about, highlight that more needs doing in regulating social media sites, rather than allowing extremist content or profiles.

Another issue that is overlooked is the idea that social media users can be anonymous. I do not believe that true anonymity exists online. You cannot for example make a fake name Facebook profile, as you need your number and email to verify your identity. YouTube is a little easier to navigate, but you now require a Google account to use a YouTube account. The companies still know the I.P address you registered from, they know your email and possibly your phone number, you may have uploaded pictures. Whatever information you give them, they keep and they use. This is also at risk of being hacked. Individual sites have become victim of such attacks, like the Adult Friend Finder 2016 breach, which saw 412 million accounts exposed. If you follow the rabbit, you will find blackmail somewhere along the line.

If you follow the rabbit, you will find blackmail somewhere along the line.

My point is not quite made yet. The invention of the social media trend. The sheep obeying the master, just as the sites intended them to do. They cannot fathom disobeying the digital code or the demands that seemingly random users place on them. A snake pit where the prey is in no shape to be trying to escape, just to accept its fate. If and when the trend emerges, so will those desperately seeking that elusive 200 followers, or subscribers, or those exhaustingly pursuing the dopamine highs of likes and comments ( Dangerous past trends, which have been miraculously branded as ‘safe’ just because the social media consensus is so, doesn’ tmean it is. Take the ice bucket challenge, just say its for a good cause and that will eradicate the risks. Take the recent dry scooping trend, people have posted videos so it must be safe right? What about the ice cream challenge, open that store tub, lick the ice cream and return to freezer… ******* seriously? The choking game, the boiling water challenge…must I struggle on, the idiocy is unbearable.

Being in this constant stimulation state cannot be healthy. Endlessly seeking a rush, or dopamine hit, a small wave of comfort is not how humans should live. It creates a competitive and dangerous world. A world where people will fight, even kill to be the best, the most liked, the biggest social media icon. Why? That hit, the rush, the thrill. Once they come back down to earth, the reality punches them so hard that it can resemble a mental breakdown. That’s called withdrawal. ( Even brief week long periods of abstinence from social media was enough to induce symptoms like boredom, and a sense of peer pressure to return, along with reduced mood, or unhappiness.

… reality punches them so hard that it can resemble a mental breakdown

I think I have got across my point. The systemic and epidemic usage of social media in the UK, among other countries, is at a critical point. Users have become drones who are being fed information that they believe they asked for, when in reality the social platform dictates your behaviour, and sneaky and intelligent advertisements can also dictate what you do offline as well along with buying habits.

If the world doesn’t want to walk straight into the fiery pit of hell that is artificial intelligence taking over, then this is what they could start to do:

  1. Start socialising

I don’t mean online. It’s okay to do it occasionally I guess, the issue is chronic and daily use where the usage becomes a habit which you cannot live without. I’m guilty of it, but I now only use WordPress and Twitter, and that is really the extent of my online interaction. I do watch YouTube, but I don’t personally consider that as dangerous as other sites, simply because you don’t need an account to use it.

Develop social skills or improve your existing skills by having real, sober, present and real conversations in person with other people. Do not use your phone, do not refer to the internet. Try abstaining from your mobile in the morning on the train or bus, or wherever you are in public and observe people. You will start to realise just how many people on that train are on their mobiles, sat in silence, scrolling absolute nonsense which they couldn’t care less about, yet are only doing so they don’t have to interact with anyone. I really, really don’t get this.

  1. Think for yourself

If you don’t start to form opinions for yourself, and you are already using smart phone and social media at 10, then you will grow up with a completely and utterly different perspective of the world. A viewpoint dictated by algorithm and code, where the news becomes your go to because you can’t get your ‘fix’ without that devastating ‘action’. The same applies to adults. Again I am guilty of this, of letting the internet and social media ‘news’ dictate how I feel and how I see the world.

These are the 2 best tips I can give to myself, and I wouldn’t tell you about them if I didn’t follow them myself. It’s hard to give up on something that is used by billions, is part of daily life, is rammed down our hungry throats and which will persecute you if you do not use it.

You have the strength.

What’s for breakfast this morning?

A big deviation from the usual posts. First of all, good morning and welcome to the blog and this post! I hope you are sleeping well in Chicago and wherever the moon is out.

See the source image
Napolina Chopped Tomatoes 12X400G
See the source image

I have no idea how I managed to get all the images lined up…tasty ingredients!

Ostensibly the most important meal of the day, today it is served up Psychedelicwizards way. Forgive the cheesy line. I’ll be describing a healthy, hearty breakfast which is simple to cook and take around 20 – 25 minutes altogether including preparation.

So what are we all cooking this morning. I will tell you how to prepare and cook “Egg filled fried tomato with herbs with mushroom, pepper, tomato side.” I tried it and it tasted, well, tasty… One thing to note is that the eggs will be fried and then in a sense ‘crammed’ into the fried tomato.

Start by gathering the required tools for the job. Do this before prepping the food. Basic cutting knife and chopping board, a frying pan, something to stir, something to serve, figure it out I am not telling you everything.

Required ingredients: 4 eggs, 2 large tomatoes, tinned chopped tomatoes, button mushrooms, a bell pepper, plant based butter (or normal), mixed herbs and coriander and chives (in the shaker), salt & pepper to flavour. – *I use garlic salt, which really brings out the flavour.

  1. First step is to cut the mushrooms into thin slices. The average button mushroom yields around 4-5 slices. Slice around 6 mushrooms using the chopping board and a sharp knife.
  2. Put roughly 4 – 5 teaspoons of butter into the frying pan. Turn the heat on low to allow the butter to melt. Once the butter begins to melt, make sure the heat is low and that it isn’t burning up or boiling.
  3. Sprinkle the mixed herbs, salt & pepper into the melting butter and shake around so that it goes into all of the melting butter.
  4. Next slice the tomatoes, I recommend 2 big tomatoes. Slice them in half. Using a teaspoon scoop the interior out and put the seeds and soft center either into a bowl or to one side.
  5. Wash the bell pepper, gut the inside using the spoon and slice the pepper vertically and then horizontally so that the pepper ends up as small squares or similar.
  6. Crack each egg into the melting butter. Make sure that there is enough butter in the pan still, and make sure you place the eggs apart at first.
  7. Using another frying pan if you have one, repeat step 2 and 3 and then add the sliced mushrooms to the pan. Wait until the mushrooms are beginning to turn golden brown and then add the peppers.
  8. Add roughly a quarter to half of a tin of chopped tomatoes to the mushroom and pepper pan. The chopped tomatoes are already prepared, so make sure they are on low heat. Stir it together well, so that it isn’t sloppy and that the mushrooms are coated in the chopped tomatoes. Add a sprinkle of coriander and chives.
  9. Take the eggs off the heat after 5 minutes of being on a medium-low heat, they should be cooked but not crispy and the yolk should be solid. Place the cooked eggs into another bowl. Don’t worry about mashing them up, in fact at this point you should make sure they are folding and breaking but not quite scrambled yet!
  10. Return to the chopped big tomatoes which you have gutted. Place the tomatoes so that the inside shell is facing upwards, into the frying pan with butter for maybe 2-3 mins altogether, turn half way.
  11. Take the mushrooms, pepper and tomato sauce from the other pan. It should be relatively congealed and almost like a Bolognese type food. Put the side onto your main breakfast plate either to one side of the plate or around the edge.
  12. Take the tomatoes off the heat and place on the main plate.
  13. Place the eggs into the fried tomato center. You should have 2 – 4 big tomatoes filled with herbal fried eggs!
  14. Enjoy!

*edit* – Add some whole-wheat toast spread with avocado to add to the meal!

If you read this morning breakfast post and enjoyed the sound of the breakfast or even tried it, let me know! I will have to take pictures of my process and upload them in another post! But, I have no camera for now.

I enjoyed the tomato aspect as it gave a sweet taste to the food, and the mushrooms offset that sweetness. You could add onions to the mushroom mix or even to the eggs. I personally add the chives to the eggs as they cook and then fold so that the taste gets ‘trapped’ within the eggs whites.

Anyone thinking that eggs are unhealthy should fear not. I avoid eggs for this reason, but in reality I know they are an okay and healthy food. You could use 2 eggs, or 3. My way is not the only way. Cooking is about experimenting and trying what works best for you.

Thank you again for reading this and Good Morning!


Short blonde hair and blue eyes, a smile that could cut through a sea of demons, it was Peter.

Pass your feelings,
an infinite thought,
an open mind,
never ending consciousness,
uneven existence,
parallel races,
completed fates,
sending signals,
wrong time,
a long time,
your evening sunset,
my morning sunrise.