The Light Shines on Us All

The light shines on us all.

I wanted to share this song for Christmas. The video will not show on my site, but you can follow the link to YouTube for the video from the movie * Anna and the Apocalypse. This is a great bit of fun for Christmas. Lots of laughs. I don’t think I reviewed this movie so I will promise you I will review in the next couple of days.

You can try and access the below scene on YouTube, so you can see what they are singing too.

The Spirits are Out to Play

The spirits are out to play

all they want is one more day

to see Christmas day

behind the veil


sending and receiving


they mourn for us.

You might remember that recently I posted about the 20 year anniversary of movies. Among them was Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. Well they suddenly decided to have a 20 year anniversary event called return to Hogwarts involving a reunion as well. AND, get this, the film people dropped the trailer on us for the 3rd Fantastic Beasts movie.

What Does Christmas Mean?

Breaking down Christmas, we have Christ and Mas. Christ is a shorter form of Christos which is a Greek word meaning, the chosen one. The word could also be referencing Christians.

Mas is referring to a mass, the main Eucharistic liturgical service in many forms of Western Christianity. a collection of incoherent particles, parts, or objects regarded as forming one body

We have the chosen one as a mass of incoherent particles forming one body.

Humans are cells, cells are made of atoms. Atoms are in us, around us and form everything. So, from the definition above, the cells in mass would form one body. One body, our body. Atom is the smallest form of chemical elements. I’ve combined elements of science with religion.


Moving back onto Christmas. Let’s look at :

The image of the lamb has for as long as I remember, been associated with Christ, and shown to be Christ. The golden aura of his head, the light surrounding his body. The kings, the gifts, the straw, stables. All symbols. Symbolism of being poor, symbolism of being born with nothing. A lamb, born to be slain, to be slaughtered at the right time. The Lamb of God. It took 33 years for the right time. Levites raised lambs in Bethlehem and sacrificed them in the temples.

People still believe sacrifices are good and they are rewarded. There is plenty of killing of animals, attempting to justify it doesn’t make it better. You could also say that sheep are associated with religion, I’ll let you figure that out.

Christmas places so much emphasis on gifts, when actually, Christ received 3 gifts from 3 kings, the 3 wise men. The Magi’s, similar sounding to mage, a word for a wizard or sorcerer.

“Where is the Baby born to be the king of the Jews?” They had seen his star in the east and come to worship him. Rising in the east, that could be the sun. The sun of God. It could also be talking about the evening star, Venus (aka, morning star). All this talk about planets makes you think the Son of God is an alien. A hybrid, perfectly formed to infiltrate earth.

But the 3 gifts he receives are symbolic. The frankincense, myrrh and gold. Today people ask for and give a lot more than that. The simplicity of the 3 gifts is what people should be aiming for. I enjoy using frankincense, so will probably buy myself some. Gold, fit for royalty, the king of the land. Frankincense, showing the divine connection with God, when Christ was worshipped as such. And finally myrrh, used to anoint the dead. All parts of Christ life.

What does Christmas mean? A celebration of His life, if you didn’t figure that out already. A religious holiday for Christians. If you are not of this religion or belief, you wouldn’t celebrate in any form and would work on the day. A word that can have multiple meanings. A history only partially told. Did you know He was a high priest? Sounds like this figure is derived from a dark secret cult.

Holiday Seasons Greetings

11 days until Christmas. Anyone wanting to comment on how much they feel the spirit this year, feel free. Feel free to comment on a lack of spirit too.

Ho ho ho

and she goes


“What’s Santa brining me for Christmas this year father?”

“Hopefully something useful, like a hammer.”

“A hammer?! I wanted a toy car from that shop.”

“Can you fix a garage door with that? Didn’t think so.”

“Guess what I got you dad?”

“What’s that son?”

A happy merry jolly Christmas and a happy new year to you all and to all a goodnight.

“Goodnight, son.”


Christmas Guide to Movies

I am starting to let myself become excited now about Christmas. When the Manchester Christmas markets started to go up at the beginning of November, I was rather annoyed as the populace seemingly missed Halloween.

I remember the days when we all entered in the lockdown last March. How things have changed since then. People have gone and the world seemingly spins unbothered, but society is a very different place and now peoples lives are dominated by digital engagement….hmm, doesn’t sound right.

I am only recommending a few movies, as the list of actual Christmas movies is extremely long. I am only mentioning big blockbuster movies rather than b movies or anything with production value under one hundred million dollars. I won’t be watching any until the 1st December, that is a solid promise from this English gent. A rich gent. The order also does not dictate that the movie is better than the others.

  1. Home Alone

The most loved Christmas movie of all time… I think. Home Alone 2 recaptures the magic of the first movie and is probably the better film overall! All of them are great films for the family. So no worrying about Krampus!

2. Muppets Christmas Carol

Strange movies. The 2011 Muppets movie was great! A little old though.

3. Krampus

A horror Christmas movie! It is quite enjoyable!

4. Anna and the Apocalypse

If you thought zombie movies couldn’t get any more bizarre then think again. A Christmas musical not for the faint of heart!

5. Bad Santa

Brilliant, number 2 carries on the legacy of this old foolish alcoholic well. A real tribute to the alcohol consumed in the festive season.

6. The Polar Express

Probably my favourite on the list and I haven’t seen for many years. When this movie was released it was all the hype due to the special effects on live animation.

7. A Wonderful Life

Not a completed list without this movie about a man who is shown what life would have been like without him. It’s fantasy in case you wondered, mix in drama.

8. Elf

Not to keen on this although it is one of the most popular movies ever made regardless of the fact it is based around Christmas.

9. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

I think I have watched this every Christmas. Nothing beats Chevy Chase!

10. Trading Places

Based around Christmas time, this movie has an important message about money. Ultimately life is not about money, but you knew that didn’t you?

11. The Grinch

Great for kids, great for old people, great for me! I really enjoyed the movie as a child but dare not ruin that as an adult. Based on the book!

12. Gremlins

Yes, it’s a Christmas movie, and yes, they eat people.

13. Jingle all the way

Arnold sure looked like he was gonna pop when his cookies were being eaten, and apparently he told someone off camera that he wasn’t acting.