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Meditation is one of the oldest traditions in the world. Ancient civilisations and Buddhists and Africans were meditation thousands of years ago as a collective way to improve the whole of life, not just for themselves but for everyone else too.

Today in the 21st Century, meditation has taken on many modern forms. A lot of people see it as solitary, but looking back in history we can see that although you meditate alone it was not done to advance yourself to an affluent position, rather to become a better person. There are literally thousands of online resources about meditation and hundreds of meditation classes across England and Wales. A new found culture of people looking to improve their mood, to become better people, to experience some variety of enlightenment.

I am going to talk through 5 essential benefits of meditation. I want to give you an idea of how this is going to have a positive influence in your life. Sometimes things get hard or stressful, sometimes you become depressed or anxious. Other times you just want to improve yourself and feel more connected to God or the Universe. I understand. I’ve managed to use meditation to assist me before and am currently using a meditation that works for me. There are many types available, guided meditation or Samatha – calmness of the mind – are examples. Meditation can be as simple as mindfulness. You can practice meditation morning or night. I had the luxury of practicing in the garden at the weekend under a harvest moon and then in the dawn of sunrise. Both give a tranquil experience and help greatly in quietening any intrusive thoughts.

Buddhist Meditation

The above is a Buddhist position for meditation. It is used when engaging the Samatha meditation. To read a little more about how meditation affected individuals check out this link.

Benefits of Meditation!

  1. Calm Mind – There is no doubt in my mind that meditation in fact leads to a calm mind. The whole point of meditation is to calm the mind and to become better in tune with your body. At its core, you need a calm mind to meditate! Without the experience of meditation you may find your mind to be full of ‘clutter’ or ‘noise’. The noise or intrusive thoughts might be a fleeting thing, or it may plague you. Meditation over time will allow you to develop such a strong calmness that even after meditation, your mind will be clear from thoughts. Remember, thoughts come and go and they cannot harm us.
  2. Improve Depression and Anxiety – If you are sad or anxious you may be thinking about the past or the future. Depression can be improved through meditation, because you are not to be thinking of the bad things or to be thinking at all. It takes time, but simply being in the moment either alone or in a group, meditating, can be enough to help shift your depressed thinking to a higher level. Anxiety will naturally decrease as you learn to visualise other things, you stop focusing on the anxious events or things and then you forget about it. For those with pain, meditation can help shift you away from it and to more focused on your breathing for example, or the position of your feet, or simply that energy that comes from silence within.
  3. Ability to Cope – As a result of the above two, a calmer mind and reduced or improved depression and anxiety, you will thus have a significantly better chance of coping. The way you cope can be positive or negative, is can help or destroy you. Turning your struggles into a state of meditation and in turn, having a clearer mind and a stronger outcome or more certain decision you will see an improvement. Having a hard day and cannot get through? Wait… you can and that surprised you. You wonder why. Then you accept that for the last week you meditated everyday and actually it turns out it helped you through the present. Meditation can help those assisting others, we may be better in tune with our intuition and better able to help those in need. It will allow us to know instinctively what our own bodies need too.
  4. Connected to the Universe – It seems out there does it? The reality is that everything is connected, and there is no truth higher than that. You will be making a conscious effort to quieten the mind and in turn the body and soul will develop at first a low level feeling of connectivity. As you continue you may become warm after meditation and feel like you are never alone. You are simply connecting to the universe and God, and everything in it. You won’t feel alone as much. I certainly noticed this improvement after just 2 weeks of mindfulness meditation!
  5. Better Life Quality – Ultimately all of the above will improve your quality of life, or it should do. If you don’t feel like any of the above is happening, you might need to carry on for longer in your sessions, or perhaps you have not done it long enough? Everyone wants to feel better. Sometimes inner peace can bring us closer to that feeling of happiness or content. You might want a better life through being able to better understand how the world works, and maybe meditation is doing that for you? You have nothing to stop for, and everything to gain. There is no better quality of life than a clear mind.

“If you are depressed you are living in the past.
If you are anxious you are living in the future.
If you are at peace you are living in the present.”

Lao Tzu
Amethyst crystal to hold during meditation

Holding a crystal during meditation can help better focus on your aims. If you are looking to heal you could hold Amethyst (pictured above). Rose quartz can be used where you want to heal the heart. There is so many choices when it comes to healing crystals. Always treat your body with respect and the crystals because they can be powerful things.

*Never substitute real medical advice with alternative practices where the medical advice is going to save your life. Only ever use alternative practices like crystal healing and meditation where it is safe and where it is a complimentary addition to any potential real medication or treatment. Always check with an experienced practitioner if you are unsure whether it is safe to do so.*

Thank you for reading and I hope that you give meditation a try! Namaste.


He rambles on down the turnpike

snaking around the fallen leaves

mouth agape 

slithering snake

darkened walls

all befall

on you

The Wizardry of Frequency

Psychedelic Wizard brings you a magical post about the magical and otherworldly effects and benefits of frequencies. How do frequencies help our bodies? What is a frequency? Should I care about it?

To the last question, yes, you should care, and yes, you should take time to understand these frequencies. They are all around us, they make up the very fabric of reality. There is a reason I chose the picture above, because humans can use objects like the singing bowls to recreate certain healing frequencies. Each will affect different parts of our bodies, depending on which you choose.

Frequency can be sound frequency and you can read a little more about that here –,to%20its%20effect%20on%20cognition%20and%20thought%20processes.

If you want to know what the Wizard uses to increase his frequency, both in aura and in soul and body, He uses essential oils. Essential oils have some of the highest frequencies of any natural substance making them the perfect and easy way to boost your mood. Positivity is a natural response to high frequency, I would argue it is close to impossible to feel bad at high frequency. This brilliant article highlights some common frequencies –,align%20frequencies%2C%20thus%20balancing%20and%20harmonizing%20body%20organs.

The human body as you can see from the above article is at 62-68 MHz. Disease supposedly begins at a level as low as 58. Don’t go thinking that you are negative or miserable or bad because you got sick. It is normal to get ill and frequency cannot be blamed for all. You get sick and your frequency drops, or vice versa. The former is more probable, so don’t worry.

Essential oils are the highest frequency natural substance – so use them!

As you can see rose is at a whipping 320 MHz! I just bought some yesterday. It is a lovely smell and great alternative to actual rose flowers! I also had some rose flavoured chocolate so there is so many options to using this loving frequency. You could say it is the frequency of love, but who knows.

Emotions also carry different weights in terms of frequency. Take a look at the below graph;

You can see that the highest point for a human is enlightenment. What does that mean? What emotion is that? I will let you figure that out, because from the list it is actually pretty simple to determine.

Comparing rose oil at 320 MHz to acceptance at 350, we can see they are about even. I don’t believe adding them together would boost you over 700 that doesn’t make sense, but it can help maintain that level. My recent post on healing issues of the heart talks about acceptance in order to heal the heart, since acceptance is closely related to rose oil, we can see that it will have an effect on the heart and emotional healing. Being afraid with fear brings us down to 100, which explains why a lot of people are not happy, because they are lower on the scale. Love is way up at 500, although love is not necessary always correlated to the heart. The one point I disagree with is courage, in order to get to the top it takes courage, thus the chart does not make too much sense in that regard. You also cannot expect to zoom to the top without radical consequences. Most notable would be extreme changes in perception and possible rebound if you are not ready, so take it slow. I also know of Idaho Blue Spruce oil reportedly at a mega 520 MHz!

What is frequency?

Frequency is the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit of time. It is also occasionally referred to as temporal frequency to emphasize the contrast to spatial frequency, and ordinary frequency to emphasize the contrast to angular frequency. Frequency is expressed in units of hertz (Hz) which is equivalent to one (event) per second. The coresponding period is the time duration of one cycle in a repeating event, so the period is the reciprocal of the frequency. For example, if a heart beats at a frequency of 120 times a minute (2 hertz), its period, T—the time interval between beats—is half a second (60 seconds divided by 120 beats). Frequency is an important parameter used in science and engineering to specify the rate of oscillatory and periodic phenomena, such as mechanical vibrations, audio signals (sound), radio waves, and light.

You can find thousands of videos on YouTube purpotedly offering healing frequencies, meditation frequencies among others, it is supposed to alter your brain waves and allow you to enter different states. In my opinion and from experience they are okay for short term use, but I find no tangible benefit from the videos. You would be better to buy a singing bowl,reach%20up%20to%20the%20800s%20or%20even%20900s.

But if you want to listen to the videos here is one;

Don’t get caught up in the 432 Hz misinformation, it is not a heal all. You can get that from being in nature. In fact, being in nature is another great way to boost your wellbeing, which is the whole damned point of this post! Meditation offers so many benefits too, a clearer mind will allow the healing to be enacted, but you need to really want to heal because sorry to say this, it doesn’t happen without you.

Many blessings and peace to you. Namaste. 😀