How do you feel about forgiveness?

it lingers on my lips

like your quick whipped stilted humour

favouring the valley of sand

where water cannot expand

and each atom

shaking violently

into the rivers hidden

beneath our longing haze

where even angels, learn to play.

Clutching at Straws

maybe you are reaching too high

clutching at straws

seeing the skies

taking on board a little too much

feeling everything too often

just waiting, somehow, for something

or someone to hold your hand and show you the way

a reach that is beyond sight

hands that held the straw, tight

beyond the gazing 

grasp of wrought palm

comes the evening sun

for all that befall. 

First World Problems – yeeeee booiiii

Most of you reading this live in a first world, well-developed country. Not to knock that, but did you know that the first world comes with its own set of issues? I’m not talking about 3rd world country issues, like lack of sewage, fresh water, clean hygienic healthcare, education, housing, jobs and various others. Let me talk about some of those problems. Maybe you have something you want to mention below?

1) NO INTERNET/PHONE/COMPUTER – Do you ever hear people complain about not having access to the internet? What about those who cannot go a day without using their phone or computer? Do you see that they are complaining about something which ultimately contributes nothing to the world? You can live and thrive and survive without these things, which makes it a no. 1 first world issue.

2) I’M BORED – Yeah, people still go on about being bored. Do you not think they have enough surrounding them, like the above, without becoming bored? Oh, but going for a walk is boring. Trying something new or going somewhere is boring. Honestly, I’ve laughed so hard at people who say they are bored. Do you know how those starving children feel? What about those who don’t have an education or fresh water?

3) I’M HUNGRY – Unbelievable that people still say this. Granted there are struggling families, but for the most part a lot of people are well fed. They have food at their disposal, to buy whenever they want at an affordable price. That isn’t the case in 3rd world countries.

4) WARDROBE FULL OF CLOTHES BUT NOTHING TO WEAR – Oh, it must be so fucking painful. I’ll just list a few more:







Do you think you have any that might be worth mentioning? There are so many more first world problems, including not being able to go to the gym, having to wait to have your hair styled, having nothing to listen to in the car, sick of your job, feeling fed up with life and lots more!

Writing spotlight # 5

I had the chance to talk to an aspiring writer. She took the time to talk about her writing and her WordPress story a little. I was glad to meet her. She goes by the name LevBossBabe.

Hi there! I am a beginning writer from the Bay Area. I write during downtime at my job. I have no books out yet, but that is the dream! Currently, I am writing a satirical, fictional blog called Lev: Boss Babe. It is a comedy that plays on start-up culture and office hierarchies. I reflect often on the drama that comes when we realize how much time we spend working and what that does to how we see ourselves and how we see others. You can find it at

What are your favourite books?

I am a huge sci-fi nerd even though I am not writing anything related to the genre: I love Neil Gaiman, the Game of Thrones series, Harry Potter, Dune. I love productivity books like Atomic Habits, Getting Things Done, and The Life-Changing Joy of Tidying Up. I am currently reading Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut.

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

There was never a time where I didn’t want to be a writer. As a child, I was a precocious reader, starting with A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket.

What is your favourite part of the writing process? What is your least favourite and how do you get through it?

I love those chapters that I just seem to spit out without effort. Dialogue is important to my stories, especially inner dialogue as I jump between perspectives.

Sometimes, it can take a month to write a chapter because nothing seems good enough. I keep it pushing during those times—I made a promise to write at least 20 minutes a day, and I keep it pushing even when I feel I am putting out crap!

What is your writing routine?

I am fortunate in that I have a lot of downtime at work. I write at least 20 minutes a day, but I don’t hold back when I get into a flow state and can write for hours! Professionally, I am an administrator, so I am used to creating systems for work. I do the same with my writing: I have “funnels” for chapters, characters, and the plot in general.

How do you balance writing with the rest of your life?

I categorize goals and create weekly goals within those categories aka Getting Things Done by David Allen. I always bring my kit: my notebook, laptop, calendar, paper container (not a binder!), and fancy pens wherever I go. I try to gamify all my tasks and goals to make them as satisfying as possible to complete. Finally, I am a HUGE list-maker and reflect on my goals once or twice a month to see where I can grow.

What inspires you? How do you beat writers block?

To be honest, I feel that without writing and storytelling, my life is meaningless. I don’t enjoy working and don’t care about having a career. Even if I was the last person on the world, I would write: it gives purpose to my pain and accentuates delight.

How do you keep consistent/write a lot?

See 6. I have a journal where I reflect on my habits everyday. I found that 20 minutes works for me: If flow is going to happen, it will happen in that timeframe. Also, I am incredibly blessed to have a pretty slow and flexible job with a short commute.

Also, I have learned to accept bad writing days for what they are—temporary. On those days, I write on the backs of envelopes or scraps of paper just to get something out. I only require at least 20 minutes a day, so if nothing comes out after that time frame, I don’t torture myself. Self-kindness goes a long way on bad brain days!

Does anyone read or edit your work before publication? If so, how did you find them?

My boyfriend  I am always up to making writing friends!

Can we have a sneaky look at your future plans?

Yes! I plan on developing the backgrounds and plots of the co-workers in the office! There is also a huge drama unfolding in the company… the only hint that I will provide is that it is inspired by true and recent controversies in Silicon Valley.

Finally, what advice would you give to other writers?

I have only 5 subscribers so far so I am not sure I would be considered an inspiration. Maybe one day! 😊 But I can’t imagine spending my free time doing anything else, and I treasure my small and humble beginning right now. I look forward to building a community of people who just love a good story.

Magical Thinking

Freedom of expression: can mean you don’t like what you hear. Magical thinking cannot take away disease or pain. Dash of reality for the crazies out there.

I want to talk about an extremely important and overlooked aspect of society which has become so prevalent and rampant that it has led to mass delusion. It has shifted thousands, millions of people into states of mind of being willfully ‘dumb.’ Now you might not like some of the content I post, and I can guarantee some of you might not like this post. I am going to explain what ‘magical thinking’ is, and why it is dangerous. If you think you may be offended don’t read on. I will even be going at my own belief in God here, so I am not exempt from this.

So, magical thinking. We are all taught basic things from school, some go on to further education and other gain professions which require a lot of brain power, like doctors. I want to start by referencing the above quote at the top, which I wrote. ‘Magical thinking cannot take away disease or pain.’ I think you will find every reputable doctor in the country would agree with that. No matter what you believe, you will not cure end stage organ failure, you will not cure cancer which has spread through your body, you will not cure dementia or migraines or any other physical illness through the power of belief. Nor will the use of special herbs or magic help. Magical thinking is to detract in its entirety from the reality. The reality is, the disease is killing you, and you need to get treatment. I am not referring to physical illness in that last sentence, but the act or being of magical thinking. Sure, supplementing is great and exercise is great. Many things have evidence and studies behind them.

Magical thinking is to have a need to believe that one’s hopes and desires can have an effect on how the world turns. The belief in ghosts, signs, patterns, that can be found. Unfounded connections, synchronicities. Thinking it is significant, which is what people then connect to real-life events. Because children are taught essentially (excuse this) bullshit fantasy make-belief from a young age, at which stage they absorb like sponges, with creations like Santa, the easter bunny, heaven, happy ever after. Other tools in the bucket of magical thinking include the idea that a child can be safe if they leave a light on, or have toys with them. The children are fantasy machines, and we should not be teaching them bullshit. They eventually learn it was all lies, yet they then have kids, and tell them the same bullshit. Why? As if a monster is under their bed. As if the light will stop someone breaking in an murdering the entire family. The only upside is that fantasy or magic can boost creativity in children.

Some typical signs are belief in the supernatural. Why would a house be haunted? Objects, people, place? In Middle Eastern countries people hang the blue eye to ward off curses. It is a popular object and I saw many when I travelled there. What about the people crossing their fingers for luck? I want to rationalise with them, really, but they are beyond help if they think that walking under a ladder is bad luck. Coincidences can reinforce this dangerous thing, like thinking you are looking for a friend, only for them to call you or turn up. Such beliefs can also cause the placebo effect, meaning that someone can believe something even when it is not real, like the well-known sugar pill experiment. We can go deeper into the mind of the delusional being, wearing a lucky pair of socks, touching an object for luck, being extra cautious because it is bad luck to rush…

Now the hard part about religion and God. I have that belief so this is hard for me too. But religion is full of magical thinking. Spirits, ghosts, angels, demons, rituals, hidden knowledge, enlightenment (bullshit), souls. Praying to a higher power for a job when you could go and apply for one. Thanking God because you won an award, sorry, did you thank something else for your hard work which was rewarded? Come on. I don’t see these people thanking their neighbours.

The second biggest magical thinking sector has to be new age beliefs, the belief in the occult, the belief in healing energy and stones, meditation to stop pain an cure illness, feng shui, singing to achieve happiness, the belief that money will come to you if you just ask for it, the belief that mantras and new age bullshit like pagan practices will somehow get you a better life. Although it is nice to think all of this, it is magical thinking. Just like the new age belief that you create the world, and can change it through thought. The belief that somehow the trauma you suffered and the abuse is part of a plan to make you stronger and you brought that on yourself. Listen, carefully. You did not bring anything bad on yourself, that was the evil people doing it to you. You do not change your life by simply thinking it, you have to actually do it.

I hope you can all understand this is a hard post to write, because it is so prevalent that if you try to challenge it, people become defensive and scared, When you accept this form of thinking as being counter-productive, you will probably see a change for the better.

I would wish you a wonderful day, but I don’t need to, you are already having a wonderful day!

Morning Sunshine Saturday

Good morning to all you wonderful souls out there reading this post. I hope the sunrise is as beautiful there are it is here. The sun is out, the birds are chirping and the day has a glow of elegant expression.

Today I will be writing, and focused on that in its entirety. My goal is get some work added to the Wattpad story Apocalypse on Easy Street, which so far has 5 parts. I’m listening to classical music on Classic FM which is a relaxing and mindful station for anyone looking for a radio to work to. For breakfast a wrap of chili kidney beans and full caffeinated coffee.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, why?”

“You never drink caffeinated coffee!”

That is true, but since I don’t have decaffeinated and I don’t want tea, I’ll drink as I please. Besides, life is too short. Maybe one day you’ll wake up and smell the coffee. Anyway back to the writing. Aside from the Wattpad zombie story, which is more of a fun thing on the side, I’ll also be adding to my work in progress zombie novel set in the English countryside. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t bore you with too many details. I’m not exactly famous so it is not like anyone really cares, you know?

I want to add a ‘grateful’ section to this post, listing what I am grateful for this morning. Here I go, be free to add your own in the comments:

1) The sunrise 2) the birdsong 3) the food I am about to receive 4) the computer I am using 5) my ability to work on the computer 6) the fresh air 7) My imagination 8) music 9) to be able to sit on my sofa without fear of being attacked 10) God

I hope you have enjoyed this morning post. Sorry to keep the poem till last. You know me by now.

Having the morning breakfast proper

loaded up for the day

to write

to have fun

my life is going the right way... for once.

Friday the 13th – Get on the level

Friday the 13th is considered unlucky by a lot of people and I don’t know why. It is a number, it is a day! If you want to live under the umbrella of fear over a day, then what other things do you believe in? Do you believe a black cat is unlucky? Come on, it is the 21st century. I suspect the same people who believe this also believe in goblins and demons.

The idea was that both the number and day carried a negative connotation. (okay). Having that fear of 13 could also stem from the fact number 12 seems to be the limit on numbers for people, as there are 12 months a year and the day is split into two 12 hour periods etc. So imagining that 13 could exist will blow peoples minds. Wait until they hear about 14. On the painting of the last supper, there are 13 people. Judas was person 13, who betrayed Jesus. Maybe there is a religious significance. I doubt it though. Jesus was going to be crucified no matter who was at the supper.

I’ll tell you the real story of the history of the Friday the 13th. It was back on the Friday 13th in 1307 that Philip IV of France arrested hundred of members of the Knights Templar and had them killed. This is the day that they were dissolved, supposedly. In reality they went underground like many other pagans. Don’t think the Knights Templar were Christians. They were disbanded and killed for worshipping evil entities. In the 21st Century, many organisations profess to be that same group, yet are pagans who worship ‘other’ Gods and beings. Let’s end on a poem, because I’ve covered a little about the history.

A hundred years

the day has come

what has to be done

single fold

of the untold


of super imposition